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Dutch Flutist Anne La Berge Tours Chicago

Tue, Apr 2 - Mon, Apr 29  2019

Various Locations

Dutch flutist Anne La Berge is touring in Chicago this April.


April 2nd and 3rd: La Berge is performing at CHIMEFest

April 25: Performance at the University of Illinois , School of Music

April 28: Performance at Constellation

April 29: Performance at Option Series


About Anne La Berge

Anne La Berge’s career as flutist, improviser, and composer stretches across international and stylistic boundaries. Her performances bring together the elements on which her international reputation is based: a ferocious and far-reaching virtuosity, a penchant for improvising delicately spun microtonal textures and melodies, and her wholly unique array of powerfully percussive flute effects, all combined with electronic processing. Many of her compositions involve her own participation, though she has produced works intended solely for other performers, usually involving guided improvisation and text. She also uses these compositions that work with a flexible combination of imposed musical situations and electronics where performer/improvisers are an integrated part of the music making process as material for workshops and masterclasses. In addition to creating her own work she regularly performs in other artists’ projects in a range of settings from modern chamber music to improvised electronic music.

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