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Dutch Impact Party @ SXSW 2018

On March 15 from 12-6PM there will be an all-Dutch party with six live acts playing @ SXSW 2018

Thu, Mar 15 - Thu, Mar 15  2018

Dutch New Wave House - Waller Ballroom - Miami Consulate Region

March 15 marks a special occasion on the South by Southwest festival as the Dutch New Wave House will host an all-Dutch music night. The event features some of the best contemporary Dutch live acts, some of which will debut in the US. Check out the official Dutch Impact @ SXSW 2018 playlist on SoundCloud.

The line-up for this year’s Dutch Impact Party:

12:30pm Yori

1:30pm Rosemary & Garlic

2:30pm Max Meser

3:30pm Mozes and the Firstborn

4:30pm The Homesick

5:30pm Canshaker Pi




Yori Swart was born in Alkmaar in 1989. Her father was a guitarist too, which led to her learning how to play the instrument from the age of 8. Her father taught her how to play, her mother taught her how to sing her worries away. In music she can be honest and true to herself, even nowadays at the age of 24.  

Early 2014 Yori leaves for the US to work together with big names like Lori Liebermann, Bird York, and Adrian Belew. Now she is back and ready to amaze her audience once again.


Rosemary & Garlic


The Netherlands-based Rosemary & Garlic recently released their much-anticipated self-titled debut album. In just a few years, the Dutch duo – Anne van den Hoogen (vocals) & Dolf Smolenaers (keys) – managed to enchant an ever-growing audience with their music, which is rooted in the folk and singer-songwriter tradition, but at the same time exceeds all categories.

In line with the artwork, Rosemary & Garlic’s songs are not part of a specific genre, adding layers of paint from an electronic and vintage palette, whether it’s a subtle change of chords (a la Nick Drake), or distancing sounds and rhythms or experiments with echoing electric guitars (like Sufjan Stevens). But always done with a melancholic heart, in which some may recognize the old Sandy Denny.


Max Meser


Great old-fashioned stuff? Or: great stuff with an old-fashioned quality? It’s both applicable to Pictures, Max Meser’s second album. The first indication refers to Meser’s inspiration, which is obviously sixties pop. The second focuses on the high quality. Everything is even than his 2016 debut Change: the songs, the band, the sound, the production. The latter part was in the able hands of Andy Crofts of The Moons, who also features as bassist in Paul Weller’s band.


Mozes and the Firstborn


This garage pop band from Eindhoven has been kicking it since 2010. They have played several major festivals in the Netherlands and beyond, and will soon play several shows in Austin. At SXSW we can expect an edgy sound with catchy guitar riffs. Their new single ‘Baldy’ draws on country-rock influences that will get you in that Texas-vibe. Be sure to check them out because these guys are getting big!


The Homesick


Since the release of their first EP three years ago, when the boys were not yet old enough to order beer, their pop has developed into something more daring, noisy, and experimental. Dutch and British media are already hooked to the band from Dokkum, even more so after the release of their debut album ‘Youth Hunt’. The sound produced by the four lads of The Homesick is a compelling mixture of pop, rock, and noise that will make you feel homesick even if you’re not Dutch!


Canshaker Pie


Last but definitely not least, Canshaker Pi will play the Dutch New Wave House. The four men from Amsterdam can shake up a party like no other, with their witty lyrics and wacky live performances. “There is something eminently mature about the bands sound, a sound that has one foot in the past and one foot in the future” a badge of friendship wrote, and the guys are eager to take that sound to Austin!

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