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Dutch innovation panels at Northside Festival 2014

On June 12-13, Pauline van Dongen, Tunemelt and Van Moof will participate in Dutch innovation panels during Brooklyn’s Northside Festival.

Thu, Jun 12 - Fri, Jun 13  2014

During the Innovation part of the Northside Festival, running June 12-13, the Netherlands will showcase some of the very best Dutch innovative companies. Thursday June 12 Vidar Daniels will speak about his online platform Tunemelt. Friday June 13 Taco Carlier of Van Moof bikes will talk about disrupting transportation and Pauline van Dongen will discuss the future of wearable tech. 

Thursday June 12, 2.30-3.15pm: Vidar Daniels (Tunemelt)

Friday June 13, 1.30-2.15pm: Taco Carlier (Van Moof)

Friday June 13, 2.30-3.15pm: Pauline van Dongen (Pauline van Dongen Innovations BV)

All the innovation panels will take place at the Wythe Hotel Theatre, Wythe Hotel

About Pauline van Dongen

Pauline van Dongen researches the body in a technologically textured space. Working closely with companies from the fields of science and innovation, Pauline aims to merge fashion and technology and give life to scientific creations, such as wearable solar, a dress with integrated solar panels.

Pauline’s unique selling point is the way in which she combines fashion and technology in both a wearable and desirable way. In her opinion, technology does not only add functionality to fashion, but also creates many new ways of expression. Wearable solar, an example of wearable technology whereby solar cells have been integrated in a dress and a coat, shows how her designs are able to transcend gadgets and instead connect to the market. Pauline proposes a unique way of harvesting sustainable energy through clothing, thereby anticipating our increasing demand for energy and connectivity, as well as the vastly expanding wearable technology market.

An example of another recent project is her collaboration with Philips Research, where the integration of light in textile is being explored. Pauline made it to the finals during the South By Southwest 2014 Accelerator pitch competition. 

Pauline van Dongen

About Tunemelt

Tunemelt is an online platform with the goal to give artists, DJ’s, clubs and events an extension online through live broadcasting of audio, video and more. Founder and CEO Vidar “Our goal is to become the premium provider of live broadcasted artist and event performances, and to have the most actively global community of music lovers who connect and share their passion for live music through Tunemelt.”

Tunemelt gives artists the simplest plug and live stream tools through its own software application that enables the artist to create an event, start and record his or her performance and stream live for an online audience in three clicks. The mobile and web applications offer the community a way to watch artists live, follow and share their favorite events and stay informed about upcoming events.


About Van Moof

VANMOOF is a Dutch company that designs and builds city bikes with non-traditional appearance. The philosophy of the company is to build bikes as simple & robust as possible, so there are few parts that can break on the bike.

VANMOOF bikes have a frame with a distinctive continuous oversized top tube containing the light beams. Its design stands out and is easily recognized. Founder and CEO Taco Carlier says “More than half of the world’s population lives in city centers. This is putting an increasingly heavy burden on traditional means of inner city transport. We believe this asks for a new and fresh approach to inner city mobility.”

“We are a young ambitious Dutch company that originated out of love for bicycles and hunger for change. At VANMOOF we pursue only one goal: help the ambitious city dweller worldwide move around town fast, confident and in style. We stripped the traditional Dutch bike from redundant hoo-ha, which can only break or frustrate, and added sensibility instead.” 

Van Moof

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