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Dutch Interior Design at New Inside World: Light and Form

Minima in Philadelphia will show work of 8 Dutch interior designers Oct. 6-15

Thu, Oct 6 - Sat, Oct 15  2016

Arch Street Meeting House

In celebration of Design Philadelphia, Minima, Philadelphia’s premiere design gallery featuring contemporary furniture, lighting, and home accessories, presents “New Inside World: Light and Form.” The exhibitiion explores the cutting edge of interior design at the Arch Street Meeting House, a designated National Historic Landmark in the heart of Old City Philadelphia, from October 6th – 15th, 2016. Dutch design house Moooi 

Bassotti Marcel Wanders

About New Inside World: Light and Form 

New Inside World: Light and Form explores how the cutting edge of interior design reflects, informs, and transforms our concept of the future and our lifestyle. There is no place where designed objects impact our lives greater, than in the home. This intimate relationship with products reveals much about our needs, our values, our desires, and our ambition. The works presented in this exhibition are the result of both a careful study of the past, and an intense gaze towards what is to come.

The exhibition itself is a collaborative effort celebrating the “new inside world”, the contemporary interior landscape created by the basic elements of sight and touch: light and material. Focusing on the components that construct interior spaces, the presentation includes furniture, lighting, and home accessories that set the new inside world apart from the “old inside world”. At the same time, there is an emphasis on the evolutionary connection between the old and the new, recognizing that distinct lines of separation are difficult to define, if possible at all. Past, present, and future coexist in unique ambience inside the exhibition site: the Arch Street Meeting House. This National Historic Landmark is located in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the United States, and the centerpiece of the city’s designation as a World Heritage Site.

Moooi Carpets

About Moooi

Moooi, the Dutch design house founded by designer Marcel Wanders, produces timeless objects of beauty which posses the uniqueness and character of antiques combined with the freshness of modern times. This fusion brings the brand to focus on the production of iconic objects. With a mix of lighting, furniture and accessories, which outlast and outshine everyday interiors, environments are created with inspiring variety, causing people of different ages, cultures and personalities to fall in love with their homes. Moooi designers presented: Marcel Wanders, Roderick Vos, Jurgen Bey, Joost van Bleiswijk, Studio Job, Bertjan Pot, Jonas Forsman

Moooi Carpets presents a paradigm shift in how we think about floor coverings. Blank, white rugs are fed into a one-of-a-kind machine that essentially acts as a large bubble jet printer, resulting in custom-printed rugs that can be any design of your choosing. On display will be a collection of these rugs designed by some of the biggest names in the contemporary design scene. Be inspired by the collection and consider what you might put on a carpet designed by you. Moooi Carpets designers presented: Marcel Wanders, Front, Bertjan Pot, Edward van Vliet, Marian Bantjes

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