“Dutch Light Sails to New York”

5 April 2014 — 9 May 2014
1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY, United States

On Saturday April 5, from 3.30-5.30 pm, Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden is pleased to host “Dutch Light Sails to New York” a survey exhibition of contemporary maritime art by (Nederlandse Vereniging van Zeeschilders), a collective of experienced Dutch maritime artists.

This exhibition features more than 100 artworks in oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, gouaches, etchings, aquarelles, collages and sculptures. An opening reception, in the presence of 12 participating artists, will be held at the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art on the Snug Harbor campus at 1000 Richmond Terrace in Staten Island. 

The opening is in the presence of 12 artists of the nineteen that take part in this art-event; Coob Zeeman, Leentje Linders, Ellen van Toor, Pauline Bakker, Frans Buissink, Rein de Vries, Katinka Krijgsman, Ingrid Dingjan, Ludo van Well, Winnifred J. Bastian, Leendert van der Pool and Piet Lont.

It isn’t the first time that Harbor arts program has looked into Dutch art and historic cross-cultural connections. In 1996, the Newhouse Center opened a four-part, multi-media Dutch exhibit, “Making a Place,” that encompassed works, contemporary Dutch design and theater.

Dutch connections have local resonance. The earliest Europeans to settle Staten Island (in the 1600s) were Dutch. Several buildings, including the 1695-vintage Voorlezers House in Historic Richmond Town and many Dutch place names — like Kill van Kull — survive to this day on the Island.