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Dutch Old Masters in New York January 2023

Frans van Mieris the Elder,
A Young Woman Sealing a Letter , courtesy of the Theiline Scheumann Collection

Fri, Jan 20 - Sun, Jan 29  2023

Sotheby's New York

The month of January sees a focus on work by Dutch Old Masters in New York. Art presentations include Master Drawings NY, the Winter Show. Sotheby’s Masters Week 2023 will feature the exhibition “Dutch Masterpieces from the Theiline Scheumann Collection,” which includes an auction on January 26.  Christie’s will showcases Dutch works as well.

Master Drawings New York – January 20-28, 2023

During Master Drawings 2023, Mireille Mosler exhibits work by Dutch old masters, 19th century and contemporary art, including work by Dutch-Indonesian artist Jan Toorop. Christopher Bischop presents a portrait by artist Jan Lievens (1607–1674).

Jan Toorop, Portrait of Dora Luthy- Arbenz, 1909.

Christie’s Old Master and 19th Century Prints – 24 January, 02:00 PM

Christie’s auction ‘Old Master and 19th Century Prints‘ presents drawings and etchings by Rembrandt van Rijn.

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669), Sheet of Studies: Head of the Artist, a Beggar Couple, Heads of an Old Man and Old Woman, 1632.

Winter Show – 20-29 January

During the 2023 Winter Show, Arader Galleries showcases prints and drawings by Dutch Old Masters. Aronson of Amsterdam will showcase 17th and 18th century Dutch Delftware.

Sotheby’s Masters Week – Dutch Masterpieces from the Theiline Scheumann Collection – 21-26 January

Sotheby’s New York Masters Week features works from the Theiline Scheumann Collection. Comprising a dozen paintings carefully assembled over a two-decade period, The Scheumann Collection abounds in pictures that are quintessentially Dutch, spanning the different movements of Dutch 17th Century painting. One of the first female collectors in America to put together such a collection, Mrs Scheumann was careful to collect only the finest quality works with distinguished provenance, showcasing the best Dutch painting has to offer. The sale marks the first time many of the pieces have appeared on the market in over 30 years.

Sotheby’s will showcase work by master painters Jan van de Velde III and Frans van Mieris the Elder. An auction will take place on January 26.

Jan van de Velde III, Still Life with an Earthenware Jug, Tobacco Box, ‘Gouda’ Pipe, Glass of Beer and Tobacco Smoking Implements


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