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Dutch participants at the Future of Storytelling Festival and Summit

From October 4 till October 8 the interactive, cutting-edge summit and festival “The Future of Storytelling” will take place in Snug Harbor, Staten Island. Dutch Marije Vogelzang, Lava Lab, and Frederick Duerinck will be present.

Wed, Oct 4 - Sun, Oct 8  2017

Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden

On October 4 and 5 “The Future of Storytellingsummit will take place before “The Future of Storytelling” festival starts on October 6 and ends on October 8. During the festival, there will be three Dutch participants, Marije Vogelzang, Lava Lab and Frederik Duerinck. 


The “Future of Storytelling” summit gathers a stimulating mix of thinkers and practitioners from diverse fields who are shaping the art, science, and business of storytelling in the 21st century. From top comedians to world-class musicians, the FoST Summit will host an array of jaw-dropping performances by talented artists and performers. In the spirit of discovery and inspiration, the Summit aims to make attendees active, engaged participants in the event through the unique, carefully curated programming, which includes:

• Intimate roundtable conversations featuring leaders from Fortune 100 companies, brilliant technologists, marketing visionaries, and renowned academics

• Hands-on creative workshops that allow attendees to gain new skills 

• The Story Arcade: an exhibition of more than 100 examples of the world’s best immersive storytelling projects and technologies—many of them world premieres

• Memorable performances by groundbreaking artists

• Ample opportunities to network and form new relationships with important influencers and creators

• Delicious food to entertain every tastebud


The “Future of Storytelling” (FoST) is a passionate community of people from the worlds of media, technology, and communications who are exploring how storytelling is evolving in the digital age.

At the heart of FoST are two signature events. The two-day, invitation-only FoST Summit gathers top thinkers and practitioners from diverse fields to share ideas and experiences shaping the storytelling landscape. FoST Festival, open to the public, features VR and AR experiences, tech demos, a multi person VR theater, panel conversations, live performances, interactive games, and much more.

In addition to the Summit and Festival, FoST also produces a wide range of content and programming, such as curated exhibitions; an annual series of short films; regular influencer salons, tech tastings, and storytelling workshops; and a popular blog and other social media content aimed at FoST’s network of over half a million enthusiastic followers.

About Marije Vogelzang

Marije Vogelzang - Courtesy of Charlotte Schreiber

Marije Vogelzang is a pioneer in the field of eating design. She works on restaurant concepts and medical projects for hospitals and does extensive work for the food industry. She also designs art installations and has curated several well-received exhibitions about eating and design. Recently she became head of a new program at the Design Academy Eindhoven called FOOD NON FOOD and does guest lectures and workshops at other design and culinary schools. In 2016 she launched the Dutch Institute of Food & Design. Vogelzang gives lectures around the world about her work and vision. In 2015 she was named to Fast Company’s “Top 100 Most Creative People in Business,” and in 2016 she was named to GOOD magazine’s “GOOD 100” list.

Edible Memories

Marije Vogelzang uses food as a storytelling device to explore people’s memories and communicate their stories, taking advantage of taste and smell’s unique power to bypass the processing parts of our brain and connect with our emotional self. This film captures an elderly woman’s dramatic memories from World War II as conjured through one of Marije’s concepts.

About LavaLab

Lava Lab Foundation is a design and technology innovation lab in Amsterdam. Lava Lab creates space for innovation and research in the fields of design, storytelling, and technology. The lab initiates projects and starts research to explore and innovate. Through local and international events and meetups, Lava Lab shares knowledge with a growing international network.

With strong roots in editorial design, we are trained to work as visual storytellers. Over the years, this way of working has led to a unique approach to concept development using all sorts of (digital) media. Within our Lava Lab, we challenge our clients to experiment and research new opportunities in design & technology. At the beginning of 2013, we established our Beijing office, kickstarting the Chinese part of Lava.


The rise of the conversational interface has cleared the way to transform chatbots into storytellers. It’s time to explore this new storytelling format! BotStory offers a chatbot that inspires you to write a collaborative short story. While chatting, you become part of this social story game.BotStory is connected to historical writers like Oscar Wilde, who will inspire you with his own writings, learnings, and thoughts. The bot functions as an educational storytelling tool as well as a new social companion that makes a connection to the past, present, and future of storytelling.

About Frederik Duerinck

Frederik Duerinck is a filmmaker and artist located in Breda, Netherlands. He is the lead designer of the award-winning multi sensory installation Famous Deathsand is the co-author of the book Sense of Smell. Duerinck is a member of the cross-media group Polymorf. In his work, he researches the boundaries of conventional storytelling, creating embodied narratives. Marcel van Brakel is currently artistic director of the cross-media group Polymorf. He works as an independent media designer, playwright, librettist, and film and theater director. Van Brakel was co-founder of the film collective FlimFilm and worked as a theater director at Het Witte Vuur.

Embodied Storytelling Through Smell and Touch

Touch and scent are powerful tools for immersing audiences in stories. In this workshop, Frederik Duerinck and Marcel van Brakel will teach you how to incorporate smell and touch to create embodied narratives.

About Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden

One of New York City’s hidden gems, Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden began its life in the mid-nineteenth century as a home for retired sailors. Today, the sprawling 83-acre campus is a thriving regional arts center that includes landmark buildings, lush gardens, and wide-open spaces. it’s a place where history and the arts come alive in one of the city’s most unique architectural complexes and historic landscapes. 



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