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Dutch Participation at Atlanta Design Festival

@ © Dutch designers Bouke Bruins and Wouter Couvers

Sat, Jun 1 - Sun, Jun 9  2019

General Assembly - Atlanta Consulate Region

Atlanta Design Festival is the new name for Design is Human Atlanta, organized by MA! Design is Human. Atlanta Design Festival continues to play host to Atlanta’s yearly Design Economy Expo and renowned MA! Architecture Tours, which have been an integral part of the festival since its inception in 2007. There will also be numerous showroom presentations, talks and installations. Activities will run over 9 days with unique events spanning the whole of the city, alongside satellite architecture tours. The Netherlands are well represented at this year’s festival, as the following schedule  clearly shows:

MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) Metro chat / #railtalk

June 1- 9 | Midtown Transit Station

For Metro Chat (#railtalk) project, MARTA commissions Dutch designers Bouke Bruins and Wouter Corvers to give metro riders something to do while waiting for their connections. Implementing MARTA metro chat with 32000 magnetic letters (size: 35x35x1mm) over four days. The letters will be designed specifically for MARTA explicitly featuring the MARTA brand. The implementation will be at Midtown station and Station Soccer (West end) where the design team will be researching the impact of the letters on the riders’ behavior.

Designer Talks: Dashell Helmets, Bulbul Watches, and Pauline Wiersema

June 4 | General Assembly

Pauline Wiersema, founder of Wiersema! and cum laude graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven (2018), is an interdisciplinary designer, specialized in making campaigns in combination with interactive installations and experiences. With A Fool Around she gives lectures and acts as a creative tutor to help companies and institutions ‘fool up’ their game. She does illustrative work for newspapers, magazines and digital platforms aimed at informing their audience.

Design Talks at General Assembly

June 6 | General Assembly

Ingrid Van der Wacht – is an independent project manager and concept developer in an (inter)national context. Since 2005 the focus of her work is on initiating projects for change, innovation and development through and with design and creativity. She collaborates with a broad variety of partners in the design sector, industry, public sector, knowledge institutes and designers on different levels: from (inter)national. She is the international project manager for Dutch Design Foundation, the organizer of Dutch Design Week, Dutch Design Awards and many other design innovation-related projects, and was the project manager and developer for PROUD Europe (People Researchers Organisations Using Design for co-creation and innovation) and work on development of new projects that build on its legacy.

Design Economy Expo

June 6-8 | M Rich Center

Dutch designer Sander Hagelaar exhibits his work.

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