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Dutch Pitch Session at Northside Festival 2014

As part of Holland in NYC Startup Bootcamp (June 10-13), 11 promising Dutch Tech Startups will participate in a Pitch Session at the Wythe Hotel during Brooklyn’s Northside Festival 2014 on June 12.

Thu, Jun 12 - Thu, Jun 12  2014

Wythe Hotel - New York Consulate Region

Join us at the Northside Festival for a Dutch Pitch Session and showcase of some of the finest and boldest Dutch tech innovations as 11 promising tech companies present their ideas before an audience and expert panel.

The Dutch Pitch Session features keynote speakers from the growing tech community of The Netherlands following a mixer to get to experience the state of innovation around the world.

Short presentations by Dutch startup innovators followed by Q&A: ChordifyClypper InternationalDyflexisDwilloInstant MagazinePauline van Dongen Innovations BVPeechoScreen6SurflyTunemelt and We Share Solar

Expert panel includes Almar Latour, Executive Editor WSJ, DownJones and Marketwatch and Thomas Wisniewski, RosePaul Investment

The Netherlands is the first guest country to be showcased at the Northside Festival in 2014, celebrating centuries of startup culture and building on the country’s global creative alliances, and using art, technology, and music to drive innovation. Northside Festival will be incorporating Dutch disruptors, technology companies and artists in both the music, film, and innovation programs.

You need to have a Northside Innovation badge and to RSVP to join the session.

Dutch Start Up Culture

About the participants

Chordify is an intuitive, web-based service that puts music – from any source – into chords.

Clypper International is a conversion-increasing, interactive, mobile video messenger that enables you to tell your story easy, quickly and in the most powerful way! Clypper guarantees higher conversion rates by achieving one on one interactive video communication with the target group.

Dyflexis Planning Software is developed by Wodan Brothers. Dyflexis stands for Dynamic FLEXible Information Systems. Wotan Brothers is a leader in the field of user-friendly online employee scheduling software for various industries.

Dwillo is an online platform that connects students, alumni and companies through meaningful mentorship relationships. Discussions with a mentor help mentees when it comes to making difficult choices related to e.g. career, personal development and work-life balance.

Instant Magazine is a great tool to create full responsive online magazines that are optimized for smartphones, tablets, desktops and smart-tv’s!

Pauline van Dongen researches the body in a technologically textured space. Pauline aims to merge fashion and technology giving life to scientific creations, such as wearable solar, a dress with integrated solar panels.

Peecho turns your digital photos and documents into print products. Sell books, magazines and more, from your own website. Get the Simple Print Button, it’s free. 

Screen 6 focuses on providing the digital media industry with the best cross device advertising platform.

Surfly real-time web sharing technology enables remote collaboration by showing others what you see in your web browser.

Tunemelt is an online platform with the goal to give dj’s, artist(s), festivals, clubs and brands an extension online through live broadcasting of audio and video, applying the core values: social, simple and relevance.

We Share Solar is a crowd funding platform for collective solar-energy initiatives. We Share Solar supports many local renewable-energy initiatives with the realization of projects by taking care of financing, contracting, administration and management. 



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