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Dutch Short ‘Buba & Sharon’ Screened at Covellite International Film Fest

Buba & Sharon

Thu, Jun 20 - Thu, Jun 20  2019

The Covellite Theatre - San Francisco Consulate Region

Dutch short ‘Buba & Sharon‘ will be screened at the Covellite International Film Fest in Butte, Montana. ‘Buba & Sharon’ is a documentary about a special friendship. Elephant Buba and circus girl Sharon have known each other their whole lives. They perform together but also are inseparable outside the ring. Due to a new law about wild circus animals, Buba will probably have to leave the circus after the summer. The screening will take place at the Covellite Theatre on June 20, 1PM.



About Covellite International Film Fest

The Covellite International Film Festival is an annual showcase of independent films from around the world set in Butte, Montana.CIFF is uniquely focused on collaboration and connection. In addition to screenings, the festival features production workshops, filmmaker talks, meet-ups, and demonstrations of new media technology, all with the ultimate goal of growing and supporting the burgeoning film community in southwest Montana.By bringing together so many different thinkers, filmmakers, activists, writers & producers from an ever-evolving spectrum of cultures, CIFF has guided a strong and diverse movement grounded in the values of hospitality and tradition.

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