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Dutch Short ‘Turn it Around’ Screened at Splice Film Fest

Fri, Jun 21 - Fri, Jun 21  2019

Film Noir Cinema - New York Consulate Region

Dutch Short ‘Turn it Around’ will be screened at the Splice Film Fest in Brooklyn on June 21st. Last year, ‘Turn it Around’ won the award for ‘Best Short Film Male’ at the San Diego LGBT Film Festival.


About Splice Film Fest

Splice is a NYC (Brooklyn) based selective international film and video art festival showcasing all genres of short films and subjects ranging in length of at least 1 minute to no more than 10 minutes. They are particularly interested in filmmakers whose work is underrepresented either by gender identification, ethnicity, subject/topic. They are open to any and all stories, and are looking to build a community through the festival that is accepting and welcoming for all to submit, and share their work with the live audience. They accept: abstract/experimental, video art, documentary, traditional narrative, LGBTIQQ, mixed media, erotica/adult, and everything in between. While They accept all genres, they will NOT accept films that could be deemed hate speech, abusive or derogatory towards a group of people. They welcome and encourage work by students, amateur, and professional filmmakers. Each film will be judged by its own merit, and not by its budget.

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