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Dutch Talent Featured in Two Architecture Exhibitions at Art Omi

Liesbeth van der Pol, Haarlem Richard Holkade, 1996

Sat, Jan 11 - Sun, Feb 9  2020

Art Omi - New York Consulate Region

Two new exhibitions have recently opened at Art Omi. Each of the exhibitions feature work by Dutch architects. Art Omi: Architecture Presents InConstruction: SO-IL features the work of Floris Idenburg, who leads architectural firm SO – IL together with Jing Liu. Single-Handedly: Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand features the work of Liesbeth van der Pol.

Art Omi: Architecture Presents InConstruction: SO-IL
On view at Art Omi January 11 – February 9, 2020

InConstruction is an intimate exhibition series at Art Omi that focuses on architecture and design projects, by contemporary architects. This series will focus on work by SO – IL. SO – IL is an internationally recognized architecture and design firm led by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu, based in New York. SO–IL creates urban spaces, residences, and workplaces on a variety of scales. SO – IL has been featured in publications such as the New York Times and Architectural Record and has received recognitions including the Curbed Groundbreakers Award and the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program Award. Their work has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art and the Art Institute of Chicago.

InConstruction: SO – IL features a model of Site Verrier de Meisenthal (2015), a cultural center in an 18th century glass factory, composed of three independent, interrelated institutions. The design and components of Site Verrier allude to Meisenthal’s historic glass production through a rolling, poured-in-place concrete surface. The surface functions as roof, ceiling and wall, connecting the site’s buildings and framing a public plaza. The institutions within Site Verrier include a glass museum; the CIAV or Centre International d’Art Verrier, an international glass art center where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary practices; and a multidisciplinary cultural space hosting art installations and events.

Art Omi: Architecture Presents Exhibition Single-Handedly: Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand – Over 70 Drawings by Architects 
On view at Art Omi January 11 – March 1, 2020

Single-Handedly: Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand is a group exhibition collecting original drawings from over 70 accomplished contemporary architects who, in an industry dominated by digital technologies, continue to work by hand. Radically diverse in scale, materials, technique, subject, and spirit, these works overturn preconceived notions of what an architectural drawing is like. Some are dreamy, fiery and avant-garde, and others pragmatic, reductive and nostalgic.

Deeply informed, but nonetheless unconstrained, by traditional architectural drafting techniques, these renderings exploit an unparalleled formal freedom. Each one contains its own world and tells its own story, rooted in personal imagination. This exhibit gives vibrant testimony to the still-vital craft of hand drawing in architecture.

The exhibition is co-curated by Warren James, Director, Art Omi: Architecture; and Nalina Moses, author of Single-Handedly: Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand (Princeton Architectural Press, 2019).

About the book Single-Handedly, Architectural Digest wrote: “Straight from the architects’ own notebooks, these works of art capture their subjects’ intricacies and energy in a way that no digital rendition ever could … More than 100 architects opened their notebooks to share sketches that, while rarely used for presentation or construction, demonstrate the beauty and craft of illustrating their projects (real or otherwise) by hand.”

About Art Omi: Architecture

Art Omi: Architecture facilitates projects by architects which explore the intersection of architecture, art. This unique program offers architects 60 acres of the Art Omi Sculpture & Architecture Park to cultivate the production of physical structures such as pavilions, installations, landscape interventions, and constructed environments designed by architects. In addition, the program brings curated exhibitions to its facilities in a landscaped setting and organizes in New York City an architecture-related annual event. Since January 2016, Manhattan-based architect Warren James has served as Director of Art Omi: Architecture

About Art Omi

Art Omi is a not-for-profit arts center with a 120-acre sculpture and architecture park and gallery, residency programs for international artists, writers, translators, musicians, architects, and dancers. Art Omi believes that exposure to internationally diverse creative voices fosters tolerance and respect, raises awareness, inspires innovation, and ignites change. By forming community with creative expression as its common denominator, Art Omi creates a sanctuary for the artistic community and the public to affirm the transformative quality of art.

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