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Dutch Production “The Last Male on Earth” at Margaret Mead Film Festival

Still from "The Last Male on Earth" | Image courtesy of American Museum of National History.

Sat, Oct 19 | Sat, Oct 19
American Museum of Natural History

About The Last Male on Earth

The Last Male on Earth is a documentary made by Dutch director Floor van der Meulen and producers Hasse van Nunen and Renko Douze (Een van de Jongens). The documentary centers around Sudan, who was the last male rhinoceros of his species and a tourist sensation in Kenya. Through interviews with visitors to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, his caretakers, and the scientists who are preserving his genetic information, the documentary makes the audience discover what Sudan’s story reveals about why we should care about biodiversity conservation.

The film is co-presented by African Film Festival, Inc.

Still from “The Last Male on Earth” | Image courtesy of American Museum of National History.

About Margaret Mead Film Festival

The Margaret Mead Film Festival, inspired by anthropologist Margaret Mead’s groundbreaking use of film and photography, “celebrates ever-changing modes of storytelling, new technologies, and increased access to communities near and far while presenting in non-fiction film and hybrid works.”

This year’s Mead Film Festival features non-fiction documentary films, shorts, and other media that increase our understanding of the complexity and diversity of peoples and cultures around the world.

The Mead Film Festival will be held at the American Museum of Natural History. The Last Male on Earth will be screened on Saturday, October 19th. Tickets are available online at AMNH.

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