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Elisa Lejuez in group exhibition

Elisa Lejuez will represent the Dutch Antilles islands in a group exhibition at The Miramar Cultural Center in Miramar

Thu, Jun 4 - Fri, Aug 28  2015

Miramar Cultural Center and Latin American Art Pavilion (LAAP) join forces to present “Caribbean Colorful Diversity”

An exhibit in honor of Caribbean-American Heritage Month will be held at the Miramar Cultural Center. S Artspace Gallery announces the works of Arubian artist Elisa Lejuez.

Elisa Lejuez

During this exhibition, Elisa Lejuez, will present several artworks from her Neo-Native collection. This collection was inspired by the caves of Aruba and relates the symbols of everyday life to ancestral discoveries.

Elisa’s  style is characterized by a striking use of colors, acrylic paint and the technique of self-made silk screen prints. One can read her paintings as an “archeology” of layered designs. She finds her inspiration in the symbolism of everyday life, its multicultural aspects and creates an eclectic, spiritual blend of images from both her past and present.

Caribbean Colorful Diversity

The month of June 2015 marks the tenth anniversary of Caribbean-American Heritage Month. For Cuban born, María Nápoles, founder of LAAP this inaugural exhibit, “Caribbean Colorful Diversity,” created in partnership with the City of Miramar’s Cultural Center | ArtsPark, “is a huge privilege and honor. Ms. Napoles says, “LAAP will serve as the Curator, representing a region that is crucial to the DNA imprint. By infusing international artists into Broward County and making these artists accessible to the general public is a wonderful way to celebrate, honor and embrace Caribbean culture.

Six world renowned artists, hand selected by LAAP will form a synthesis of flavors from the Caribbean truly representative of a composite of rich cultural history, unique blend of customs, traditions and lasting influences. This free exhibit will be open to the public and highlights the works of Luis Castañeda, Ana Amada Ferrer, Carl Juste, Elisa Lejuez, Asser Saint-Val and Armando Tejuca is set to move patrons. “Caribbean Colorful Diversity” will be on display at the Miramar Cultural Center.

Camasha Cevieux, Assistant Director for the City of Miramar’s Department of Cultural Affairs, says “Understanding the history of the Caribbean region goes a long way toward understanding its people. It is only fitting that we have artists of this caliber pay tribute to this rich culture and celebrate the many contributions Caribbean-Americans have made in this country during Caribbean-American Heritage Month.” Each island, shaped by waves of migration, has a distinctive cultural identity influenced by the European colonialists, African heritage, and the enduring legacies of the native Indian tribes.

The “Caribbean Colorful Diversity” exhibit will serve as one of the many events that will unfold during the month of June in honor of Caribbean American Heritage Month. The criteria that set this event apart from the rest and makes it an exhibit not to be missed, is the fabric of each artist selected to showcase. Just as each island is distinctive, so is each of these masterfully talented visual artists, who bring a unique style and blend to the collection.

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