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Emma Berentsen & Marente Renea van der Val with Last Supper at Glasshouse

On Saturday, February 18, the duo will present the participatory installation ‘Last Supper,’ with a workshop on the 12th leading up to the event

Sun, Feb 12 - Sat, Feb 18  2017

Glasshouse NYC - New York Consulate Region

On Saturday, February 18, 6-9pm, Glasshouse in Brooklyn presents artist Emma Berentsen & chef Marente van der Valk with ‘Last Supper’, a dinner-installation in which the Dutch artist-chef duo collaborate to create an immersive dinner setting of a supper, a lament. This culminates the two week residency of Berensten & Marente at Glasshouse as part of the art-house’s ‘Edible Bodies’ season. The duo will also organize a workshop on February 12, which will lead op to the participatory installation.

About the Workshop

The event is a day-long workshop for 12 participants/collaborators exploring rituals, symbolism and storytelling in food around the theme ‘Last Supper’. Participants are asked to bring a dish, an ingredient or a recipe to share as this will be the starting point of the dialogue about the cultural significance and differences of traditions around food and personal memories. The aim of the workshop is to gather stories, which they will include in their final event. The workshop will be divided into two parts. One part will be led by Emma in which the participants will talk and write about the meaning of food and the personal stories and experiences behind it. The second part will be led by Marente, who will ask everyone to look into the presentation of a last supper dish and how to create an atmosphere to support this. Lunch will be included.

Last Supper, Emma Berentsen - courtesy of Huck Magazine, UK

About Emma Berentsen

Emma Berentsen is a Dutch performer, performance maker and artist currently living in London. In 2015 she graduated from the MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her work is varied as she has been working both on developing her own creative practice, working for community-based theatre companies and in the field of theatre education. Most of her work is based on (auto) biographical material and the transformation of this material into diverse forms of theatre, performance and types of installation. She is interested in working on the edge of non-fiction and fiction and the boundaries of the medium theatre. In her work she is trying to build a connection between the art, artist and the audience. In her previous work she has been working around conversation as a performative tool to talk about subjects we normally avoid talking about. She previously presented work at several festivals and venues such as Venice Biennale (IT), Over ‘t IJ Festival, Amsterdam (NL), GIFT Festival, Gateshead (UK), ACT Festival, Bilbao (SP) The Nursery Festival, London (UK), ArtsAdmin, London (UK) Frascati, Amsterdam (NL), Theatre Delicatessen, London (UK) and Marieta, Sao Paulo (BR).

About Marente Renea van der Val

Marente Renea van der Valk is a chef, designer and food stylist. She graduated in 2012 from an MA Design and Environment at Goldsmiths University of London, and has since then been focusing on projects and events with an emphasis on environmental awareness and community mindedness. Her work is often a multi-sensory experience where a love for bringing people together results in a wealth of flavors and colors and a feel-good atmosphere. Marente also works as a food stylist for several publishers, newspapers and magazines. For The Guardian she has styled a multiple of their Last Supper/Last Bites series. A part of this series has been presented in an exhibition at The Guardian headquarters in London. 

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