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Ernst Coppejans “From the Streets to the Heart” exhibition for Photoville 2024 as part of FUTURE 400

Sat, Jun 1 - Sun, Jun 30  2024

17 Horatio St, New York, NY

Corporal John A. Seravalli Playground, 17 Horatio St, New York, NY 10014

Photoville presents From the Streets to the Heart, a documentary portrait series created by artist Ernst Coppejans, focusing on homeless LGBTQIA+ youth and young adults in New York City. The powerful visual, textual and auditory narrative showcases the resilience, courage, and beauty of those who have been marginalized and made invisible by society. The project seeks to raise awareness about homelessness among LGBTQIA+ youth and young adults in the city.

Every day, hundreds of homeless LGBTQIA+ individuals face discrimination, abuse, and abandonment as they struggle to survive. The portraits, shot by Coppejans in the streets of New York City, are the centerpiece of this project. With the city serving as a backdrop, the focus is on the person, who is captured in all their humanity, dignity, and grace. Showcasing their inner beauty, despite the hardships they endure. The project offers a comprehensive understanding of the experiences of the portrayed, provides a voice to those who have been voiceless, and allows the world to understand the challenges they face on a daily basis. In today’s critical period, marked by unprecedented legislative threats to LGBTQIA+ rights, the project serves as a powerful call to action, demanding attention to the urgent need for positive change.

Presented by Photoville, with support by NYC Parks and DutchCultureUSA – FUTURE 400 PROGRAM. Location of the exhibition can be found on the official Photoville 2024 map (PDF). For more information, visit

Artist Ernst Coppejans extends his heartfelt gratitude to all the amazing individuals who participated in this endeavor. Special thanks to the organizations that provided invaluable support and assistance throughout: New Alternatives with special recognition to Kate Barnhart, Sylvia’s Place, Destination Tomorrow: The Bronx LGBTQ+ Center, and Brooklyn Community Pride Center.

Concept, Photography, Text, Audio, and Design: Ernst Coppejans
Production: Photoville
A special thank you is extended to Fonds Kwadraat and Millie Casper (text edit).

About Ernst Coppejans

Ernst Coppejans is an artist and photographer dedicated to shedding light on societal complexities through his lens. As a gay man, his work reflects personal resonance, capturing the beauty and diversity of our world while addressing discrimination and prejudice. His portraits radiate authenticity, sparking empathetic conversations and inspiring positive change. With a talent for storytelling, Coppejans aims to challenge norms and advocate for marginalized communities through the power of imagery.

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About Photoville

Founded in 2011 in Brooklyn, NY, Photoville was built on the principles of addressing cultural equity and inclusion, which we are always striving for, by ensuring that the artists we exhibit are diverse in gender, class, and race.

In pursuit of its mission, Photoville produces an annual, city-wide open air photography festival in New York City, a wide range of free educational community initiatives, and a nationwide program of public art exhibitions.

By activating public spaces, amplifying visual storytellers, and creating unique and highly innovative exhibition and programming environments, we join the cause of nurturing a new lens of representation.

Through creative partnerships with festivals, city agencies, and other nonprofit organizations, Photoville offers visual storytellers, educators, and students financial support, mentorship, and promotional & production resources, on a range of exhibition opportunities.

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About NYC Parks

NYC Parks is the steward of more than 30,000 acres of land — 14 percent of New York City — including more than 5,000 individual properties ranging from Coney Island Beach and Central Park to community gardens and Greenstreets. We operate more than 800 athletic fields and nearly 1,000 playgrounds, 1,800 basketball courts, 550 tennis courts, 65 public pools, 51 recreational facilities, 15 nature centers, 14 golf courses, and 14 miles of beaches. We care for 1,200 monuments and 23 historic house museums. We look after 600,000 street trees, and two million more in parks. We are New York City’s principal providers of recreational and athletic facilities and programs. We are home to free concerts, world-class sports events, and cultural festivals.

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