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“Escher: The Exhibition and Experience” at Industry City

M.C. Escher, “Drawing Hands” (1948)

Fri, Jun 8 - Sun, May 26  2019


_O_n June 8th, 2018 the exhibition “Escher: The Exhibition and Experience” will open at Industry City, Brooklyn, NY, exploring the artistic oeuvre of Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898 – 1972). The exhibition will run until May 26, 2019.

M. C. Escher Eye, 1946

“Eye” (1946) by M.C. Escher © The M.C. Escher Company, all right reserved

“Escher: The Exhibition and Experience”

The exhibition highlights Escher’s journey as an artist – from his earlier works of nature and landscape in the 1920s and 1930s, to the figurative and abstract art developed in the late 1930s, through the 1960s when he sought to explore infinity. Some of his works are instantly recognizable, and have lent inspiration to the popular culture of our time. The last gallery of the exhibition is dedicated to artists, designers, fashion designers, singers and film directors who have been inspired by Escher’s work.

“Rind” (1955) by M.C. Escher © The M.C. Escher Company, all right reserved.

About M.C. Escher

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898 – 1972) is world renowned for his enigmatic sketches and paradoxical designs, executed with incredible detail and mathematic precision to create and construct impossible worlds. Escher had a natural intuition for mathematical drawings, and was captivated by repeating patterns of interlocking tessellations, and the paradoxical representations of infinity. Exploring the intersection between art, mathematics, science, and poetry, Escher’s works have fascinated and astounded generations of artists, architects, mathematicians, musicians, and designers alike.

M. C. Escher Stars, 1948

“Stars” (1948) by M.C. Escher © The M.C. Escher Company, all right reserved.

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