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European Literature Night with Pia de Jong and Marieke Nijkamp

June 2, Pia de Jong and Marieke Nijkamp will be present at the European Literature Night

Fri, Jun 2 - Fri, Jun 2  2017

June 2 from 7PM-10PM, Pia de Jong and Marieke Nijkamp will be present at the European Literature Night at the Czech Center in New York. The evening will feature an in-person conversation with writer Marieke Nijkamp. Check out the full program here and RSVP to attend!

Marieke Nijkamp’s book This Is Where It Ends, published by Sourcebooks Fire, will be featured at the European Literature Night. Told from four different points of view, This Is Where It Ends takes place over the course of one harrowing hour, where students and teachers are trapped with a former classmate determined to enact his calculated revenge one bullet at a time. 

This Is Where It Ends

The students of Opportunity High School in Alabama, had no reason to think that today would be different than any other day. Then the auditorium doors didn’t open after their start-of-school assembly. Told over the span of 54 harrowing minutes from four different perspectives, terror reigns as one student’s calculated revenge turns into the ultimate game of survival.

'This Is Where It Ends'

About Marieke Nijkamp

Marieke Nijkamp was born and raised in the Netherlands. A lifelong student of stories, language, and ideas, she is more or less proficient in about a dozen languages and holds degrees in philosophy, history, and medieval studies. She is a storyteller, dreamer, globe-trotter and, as said by herself, a geek.

For every hour she spent writing on TIWIE, she spent another (at least) researching. She read firsthand accounts of shootings, listened to 911 calls, plowed through hundreds of pages of investigative reports, she talked to people, kept up with news and social media feeds as active shooter situations emerged and she familiarized myself with the psychology of being held at gunpoint. As much as possible, she immersed herself in what we know about school shootings. And she tried to translate this all into the book.

July 11, Pia de Jong will release her brand new book ‘Saving Charlotte: A Mother and the Power of Intuition’ with W.W. Norton & Company.

About ‘Saving Charlotte’

In her memoir, ‘Saving Charlotte: A Mother and the Power of Intuition’ best-selling novelist Pia de Jong chronicles the unspeakable reality of grappling with the illness of her newborn daughter. When Pia’s first daughter, Charlotte, is born, it’s immediately clear that something is wrong; she is diagnosed with congenital myeloid leukemia. 

'Saving Charlotte: A Mother and the Power of Intuition'

About Pia de Jong

Pia de Jong is a best-selling novelist and a regular contributor to the Washington Post. She lives in Princeton, New Jersey, with her husband, Robbert Dijkgraaf, director of the Institute for Advanced Study, and their three children, including Charlotte.

About European Literature Night 2017

European Literature Night brings the spirit of European cafe culture to New York city, featuring live performed readings from 14 exceptional European books, accompanied by an international book fair. 

European Literature Night (ELN) comes to Bohemian National Hall in New York City on June 2 at 7pm, with actors performing a curated selection of passages from fourteen exceptional literary works of fiction and poetry from across the European continent. The selected books will be available in a book fair along with other international titles. 

New York audiences will move from room to room to experience literary works from prominent and up-and-coming European authors whose work allows for the exploration of parallels between European experiences and the current cultural and political climate in America. The event is modelled after its overseas counterpart, offering a European style experience where audiences can listen to readings and exchange ideas while enjoying a beer or a glass of wine.

European Literature Night 


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