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Ewerdt Hilgemann @ EXPO Chicago Sep 27

Royale Projects LA presents extra solo exhibit Hilgemann’s “Californian Butterflies”

Thu, Sep 27 - Sun, Sep 30  2018

EXPO CHICAGO - Chicago Consulate Region

Even though Amsterdam-based artist Ewerdt Hilgemann said his “Californian Butterflies” are still in an experimental phase, he was beyond excited to announce that Royale Projects from Los Angeles and the Borzo Gallery in Amsterdam will collaboratively present Hilgemann’s newest solo work at EXPO Chicago. EXPO Chicago will open this September 27 and features leading international art galleries presented alongside one of the highest quality platforms for global contemporary art and culture.

Hilgemann describes his newest work as:

“diamond hung imploded half cubes scatter the wall, showing different colours – like butterflies flapping their wings – depending on the angle of light reflection and movement by the spectator.”

‘Californian Butterflies’ (2018)
Stainless steel, interferant colouring 
Various sizes, unique

© Ewerdt Hilgemann, Royale Projects

About Hilgemann

From the beginning, elementary research has characterized Ewerdt Hilgemann’s work. After experiments with subtle, white wooden wall pieces catching light in the 1960s, he turned into a conceptual sculptor, using natural stone, as well as steel, geometrical shapes in series: positive versus negative. 

In 1980 he introduced randomness and natural powers beyond his control into his working method. Much to his surprise, he found that also the unpredictable is subject to natural laws, to which he soon could adapt and anticipate. 

Is there anything softer than air, more vital for human beings, breathing in and out? Yet, this same air is powerful and capable of pressure, folding large steel containers when the air is being evacuated. That force has become Hilgemann’s tool.

For information on visiting EXPO Chicago visit the link here.

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