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Exhibition ‘DNA of Water’ with Simone Bennett and Deborah Jack from March 26 until September 3, 2017

From March 26 until September 3, the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art presents ‘DNA of Water’

Sun, Mar 26 - Sun, Sep 3  2017

Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art on the Snug Harbor campus

From March 26 until September 3, the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art presents ‘DNA of Water‘. Dutch artists Simone Bennett and Deborah Jack will be featured in the exhibition and Sasha Dees is the curator. Other artists that are featured in the show are Petri Saarikko and Sasha Huber.

About ‘DNA of Water’

For centuries now, we crossed waters and borders around the globe for different (un)compelling reasons: curiosity, economic gain, calamities, religion, war, leisure, knowledge, personal gain…

Traditionally water has functioned as a border to prevent others from entering a space. In 1516 Tomas More published his book Utopia, the ideal society set on an island it serving as a shelter for his revolutionary ideas, protected from the outside world. But since the beginnings water has also served as a gateway and passage to explore other spaces and connect with others. As such water carriers the world history yet has the fluidity to keep adapting to the present and future and is in a continuous transition. 

How do we as a people relate to our history, our present and future? Are we willing to question history and adapt in the present? Are we willing and able to continuously make the needed changes and reform ourselves to be equipped for the future?

Simone Bennett

About Simone Bennett

Bennett’s practice focuses on films, staged photographs and prints. Bennett’s work deals with the disruption of everyday life as we know it. Without being explicit, she questions sore spots in society. The work has a dark aesthetic while incorporating humor and a focus on small details. Her work is inspired by journalism and books combined with daily experiences and dreams. 

About Deborah Jack

Jack is a photo-based artist. Her work deals with trans-cultural existence, memory, re-memory and the environment. She examines the manner in which nature create memorials for the small and monumental atrocities in the multiple histories that have occurred. The work is meant to evoke the sublime: hurricanes, the sea, the shore, and the land are re-occurring aspects. 

About Sasha Dees

Dees is an international independent curator, producer and writer. She wants to provide a platform for emerging artists who push limits, cross borders and break down barriers. Art for her is about communication, confronting people without imposing, and creating a dialogue that offers a different perspective. 

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