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Face to Face Online Exchange Program

The New Utrecht High School Brooklyn and The Amadeus Lyceum in Utrecht participated in an online exchange program initiated by Face to Face. The collaborative art is now on view in the exhibition “Where Past Meets Present”.

Fri, May 15 - Mon, Jun 15  2015

Students of the New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn and the amadeus lyceum in Utrecht participated in an online exchange program initiated by Face to Face. The exhibition “Where Past Meets Presents”, the outcome of the project, was opened officially opened on May 15 at the Brooklyn Historical Society in the presence of the American students and teachers.

The students created stories and accompanying artwork showing the connection between the two countries, the 17th century and present day, by working together through social media. The collaborative art work is on now view in an exhibition titled “Where Past Meets Present” from May 15 to June 15 at the Brooklyn Historical Society and at De Vrijstaat in Utrecht.

About Face to Face

Face to face is a new learning method based on virtual connection between students from different countries. This method is called ‘international peer education’ and consists in simultaneous online workshops between two educational institutions located in different countries (preferentially in two different continents).

Students explore common topics in a cooperative and global way, stimulating their mutual understanding and respect.

The project is based on simultaneous workshops. During each weekly session of approximately two hours, the schools at both ends are engaged in the same activities, allowing them to share their results online, experience the creative process together and achieve a common outcome.

The ‘international peer education’ method of Face to Face has a wide framework allowing the workshops to be implemented in different classes, such as English language class, art class, social studies, music, history, etc.

The aim is to introduce this method in schools and to combine it with or implement it in existing subjects and activities at both institutions. For example if the workshop is developed in the framework of an English language class, students will be asked to write stories and develop a play with other peers in order to improve their language skills.

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