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“Face to Face” Online Exchange project between Dutch, American & South-African Students

In the Fall, a new “Face to Face” virtual online exchange project will take place between highschool students from the Netherlands, the United States and South Africa

Mon, Sep 26 - Mon, Dec 5  2016

Focusing on our shared cultural heritage, a new Face to Face virtual online exchange project will take place between highschool students from the Netherlands, the United States and South Africa in the fall.

The “Face to Face”  project proposes a new learning approach based on virtual and simultaneous workshops between high school students from Utrecht (NL), New York City (USA), Amsterdam (NL) and Cape Town (SA), that will eventually conclude in an exhibition.

The project is mainly based on simultaneous workshops, where alll students will be in contact through a closed Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and email. During each weekly session, students at both ends are engaged in the same activities, allowing them to share their results online, experience the creative process together and achieve a common outcome. Students from Amsterdam and Cape Town will be connected and students from Utrecht and New York City will be working together. 

The students will mostly be working on the subject of migration; the meaning of it and its impact on society throughout history starting with the Dutch colonial time to the present. The main topic is the shared heritage between the Netherlands and two of its former colonies: South Africa and New York State. The aim is to connect both exchanges throughout the process, and a final exhibition. 

Besides the exhibitions, the artistic or overall topic outcome developed during the workshop, the sessions will be collected and documented in an e-book to be shared online. The exhibition as well as the e-book aims to create awareness and expand the knowledge about the shared history among teenagers and the local community. 

About Face to Face

Face to Face was founded in The Netherlands in 2011. During these years, they expanded their network. Nowadays, Face to Face has local representatives in different countries like United States, Argentina and South Africa. The projects of Face to Face are based on simultaneous online workshops. During each weekly session of approximately two hoursthe schools in both countries engaged in the same activities, sharing their results online, and experience the creative/learning process together to achieve a common outcome. It is Face to Face’s aim to become an international model for educating students to be active participants in the world expanding their cultural, creative, ecological and economic perspective. 

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