Fashion-Tech Designer Anouk Wipprecht at Hyphen-Hub

21 November 2017 — 21 November 2017
La Mama Experimental Theatre Club, East 4th Street, New York New York City

On November 21, 7:00 PM, Fashion-Tech Designer Anouk Wipprecht will demo a new work as part of her residency at TED HQ in New York at Hyphen Hub‘s Visions of the Future III. Hyphen Hub’s Visions of the Future (VoF) event will take place at La Mama Experimental Theater in the East Village in collaboration with Culture Hub. Prepare yourself for an immersive, dark, and otherworldly experience. For tickets click here

Visions Of The Future III

U.S. Premieres of New Media Performances from Around the World! Hyphen Hub’s next Visions of the Future (VoF) event will take place at La Mama Experimental Theater in the East Village on Nov 21, 2017, in collaboration with Culture Hub. Prepare yourself for an immersive, dark, and otherworldly experience. This year’s VoF will feature three U.S. premieres. 

Atractor,  a Bogotá-based artistic group, will present SWARM, an immersive bio-techno audiovisual and electro-punk collaborative performance of humans with non-humans. Experience a journey through the metamorphosis of the sound waves of bees. 

QUADr, an electroacoustic quartet based in Montreal, presents the U.S. premiere of its work /cYcle. Immersed in audio-reactive visual projections, the musicians play on modified bicycle wheels with which they create a large variety of electronic sounds, from deep impacts to bowed strings harmonies, interpreting the electroacoustic composition “/cYcle”, written by the ensemble. The artists take up different roles, constantly changing the stage dynamic and revealing new instruments and innovative musical interactions throughout the show. The result is a unique creation, both dark and at the forefront of technological experimentation and musical innovation.

Alexis L.T piece, Interference (String Network), is an audiovisual performance that explores the possibilities of interpreting an electroacoustic work in real time using a unique audiovisual device. On stage, an audio-reactive play of light is revealed gradually as Alexis builds a network of strings with which he interacts in order to create a sound universe that meets electronica and electro-acoustics 

This memorable evening will be moderated by Dutch Fashion-Tech Designer Anouk Wipprecht. Wipprecht combines fashion and technology with interactive creations. She will demo a new work as part of her residency at TED HQ in New York with


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Culture Hub

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About Anouk Wipprecht

Anouk Wipprecht - Courtesy of Hep Svedja

What does fashion lack? “Microcontrollers” according to Dutch-based Hi-Tech Fashion Designer and Innovator Anouk Wipprecht. As she is working in the emerging field of “FashionTech”; a rare combination of fashion design combined with engineering, science, and interaction/user experience design. Producing an impressive body of tech-enhanced designs bringing together fashion and technology in an unusual way: she creates technological couture; with systems around the body that tend towards artificial intelligence; projected as ‘host’ systems on the human body, her designs move, breath, and react to the environment around them. 

Strangely ahead of her time; Anouk combines the latest in science and technology to make fashion an experience that transcends mere appearances. Sensors embedded in the design monitor the space around the wearer, and body-sensors check in on stress levels as comfort or anxiety. Her Intel-Edison based ‘Spider Dress’ is a perfect example of this aesthetic, where sensors and moveable arms on the dress help to create a more defined boundary of personal space while employing a fierce style. “This robotic dress attacks when you come to close” she mentions. Facilitating and augmenting the interactions we have with ourselves and our surroundings in a bespoke manner. Other than handheld devices, Wipprecht researches how we can interface in new ways with the world around us through our wardrobe.