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Fernando Belfiore of Dansmakers Amsterdam at American Realness

9 – 12 January, Fernando Belfiore, resident at Dansmakers Amsterdams, performs his piece β€œAL13FB<3” at American Realness.

Sat, Jan 9 - Tue, Jan 12  2016

Abrons Arts Center

From 9 until 12 January, Fernando Belfiore, resident at Dansmakers Amsterdam, performs his piece “AL13FB<3” at American Realness.

About “AL13FB<3”

Working from Joseph Beuys’ theory of art and transformation “AL13FB<3” presents a series of encounters with objects to construct physical experiences and translate emotions. Leading the audience through a poetic and futuristic landscape, Fernando Belfiore explores the potential of theatrical magic, reshaping his environment as an act of renewal. From the very domestic to epic, from sacred to profane, from pop to sci-fi, the work proposes a journey where the body changes its materiality and shifts pathways of understanding. “AL13FB<3” is a trip through different frequencies; formed, informed, deformed and transformed by the body. 

About Fernando Belfiore

Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Fernando Belfiore, is a choreographer, performer and teacher based in Amsterdam. He graduated in 2011 at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development – Amsterdam School of The Arts) and since 2011 he is Artist in Residence at the production house Dansmakers Amsterdam. 

Belfiore’s works are intense, energetic, and strongly visceral and visual. He searches for challenging new forms of engagement within the audience’s bodily experience and choice making. Therefore, the performer’s presence and how he affects the audience’s perception are a strong characteristic of his work. Belfiore is intrigued by the politics of the contemporary body and by social relations. All his works present a body that is primitive and vulnerable, which is contrasted with a mix of pop and mass culture elements. 

Performance Schedule:

  • January 9, 2:30 PM
  • January 10, 8:30 PM
  • January 11, 5:30 PM
  • January 12, 8:30 PM

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About Dansmakers Amsterdam

Dansmakers Amsterdam was founded in 1993 under the name DansWerkplaats Amsterdam (DWA). Many important contemporary choreographers started their careers at DWA. Starting out as a choreographical workspace, DWA developed into a production house. As talent developer, Dansmakers acts a platform for research, production, and presentation; a production house with podium where, as a maker, you can search, fail, and shine. This is done in part by bringing makers and public together. 

About American Realness

American Realness was created by Thomas Benjamin Snapp Pryor in partnership with Abrons Arts Center in January 2010. Modeled after Under the Radar, American Realness seeks to present new dance and contemporary performance that is reshaping the boundaries of these artistic forms. AMERICAN REALNESS, often presents a wide array of forward-thinking experimental performance and brings theater and dance into the intimate proximity they deserve. 

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