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Film ‘Cine-Symphony Planet Earth’ screens at Woodstock Film Festival 2022

Still from ‘Cine-Symphony Planet Earth’ (2022).

Thu, Sep 29 - Sat, Oct 1  2022

The film Cine-Symphony Planet Earth screens at New York’s Woodstock Film Festival on September 29 and October 1, 2022. The score was created by celebrated Dutch composer Johan de Meij. 

Bearsville Theater, Woodstock,
September 29, 2022, 1.45 pm. TICKETS.

Tinker Street Cinema, Woodstock,
October 01, 2022, 6.45 pm. TICKETS.

About Cine-Symphony Planet Earth
Symphony No. 3 Planet Earth contains an ode to Mother Earth (Gaia in Greek) borrowed from a Greek hymn by Homer written 3,000 years ago. Sung by a choir in the original language, the verse asks us to honor the planet that takes care of us. A symbolic Gaia, cast as a dancer, becomes the film’s protagonist and narrator. She dances the story of our past and present with a glimpse of a possible future. Unlike many environmental films, Cine-Symphony Planet Earth is infused with something others lack: Hope. It’s positivity audiences are longing for in these uncertain times. The film’s message, like the music, is both uplifting and emotionally charged.

The visually rich, 50-minute film invites viewers to witness the earth’s creation journey through time to our present day. The film was created to sync with a recorded performance of Symphony No. 3 Planet Earth by renowned Dutch composer Johan de Meij. Cine-Symphony Planet Earth was awarded Best Feature Film by the Environmental Film & Screenplay Festival, 2022. It will be shown at the Environmental Film festival in May and selected film festivals this year. Classical music streaming platform Stingray Classica has also scheduled the Cine-Symphony as a part of its Johan de Meij programming in 18 countries.

About Johan de Meij
Dutch composer and conductor Johan de Meij (Voorburg, 1953) received his musical training at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague, where he studied trombone and conducting. His award-winning oeuvre of original compositions, symphonic transcriptions and film score arrangements has garnered him international acclaim and have become permanent fixtures in the repertoire of renowned ensembles throughout the world.

His Symphony No. 1 The Lord of the Rings was awarded the prestigious Sudler Composition Prize and has been recorded by myriad ensembles including The London Symphony Orchestra, The North Netherlands Orchestra, The Nagoya Philharmonic. De Meij’s solo concertos, T-Bone Concerto (trombone), UFO Concerto (euphonium) and Casanova (cello) have been enthusiastically received at many of the world’s finest venues. He currently maintains posts with both the New York Wind Symphony and the Kyushu Wind Orchestra in Fukuoka, Japan as their principal guest conductor.

Dutch composer and conductor Johan de Meij (2022).

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