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Film “Marvin?” at SXSW 2023

Still from “Marvin?,” courtesy of Explorers of the Unfound

Sun, Mar 12 - Fri, Mar 17  2023

SXSW - Miami Consulate Region

SXSW 2023 will screen “Marvin?,” directed by Anton van der Linden as part of their film program. quatting in Amsterdam, two friends Dave and Sam struggle with success, queerness, and addictions, until Marvin, a magical dream-manifesting fridge, shows up and gives them everything they want. The two soon learn that their shiny materialistic world is not what they expected.

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About the Director

Anton van der Linden is a writer, director & co-founder of Explorers of the Unfound, an independent Amsterdam based production company. Explorers of the Unfound is an LGTBQAI+ founded company supporting undiscovered talent and queer talent, diversity and inclusivity are integrated into everything Explorers of the Unfound does.

About the film, by Anton van der Linden: “Marvin? is a modern fable about the pressures young people face today and their search for identity and true happiness. In Marvin? our heroes Dave and Sam stumble into a magical adventure, conquering their fears and discovering who they truly are and what makes them happy.

Someone once told me: “Wow, you didn’t seem gay to me at all.” and saw it as a compliment. Now I realize how wrong it is to be valued for something that you are not. I created Dave since there are a lot of boys out there that are still afraid to kiss other boys and be themselves. Sadly, they end up living life for other people and not for who they really are. Sam is the part of me that suffered from addictions. It led me to fear of failure and anxiety and caused me to stand still, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life.

Marvin? Is a story of self-acceptance and living life on your own terms, despite what society thinks. It’s a comedy about an emotional subject because no matter how difficult things get, we should always see the humour.”

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