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“Find Me Gone” Coming to the US

On October 23rd, Amsterdam-based Flemish author Sarah Meuleman will publish her debut psychological triller “Find Me Gone” in the US

Tue, Oct 23 - Tue, Oct 23  2018

HarperCollins Publishers - New York Consulate Region

On October 23rd, the psychological thriller “Find Me Gone” by Sarah Meuleman will be published in the US and Canada. “Find Me Gone” takes the reader on an exciting journey from the Flemish countryside to New York. Equal parts page-turning thriller and tender coming-of-age story  with a twist you won’t see coming  this is a debut that crackles with suspense.

“Find Me Gone”

In the sleepy Belgian countryside of the 1990s, the residents are reeling from the disappearance of several young girls. At the local school, St. Martin’s High, the devastating news is met with both morbid fascination and fear among its students—except for twelve-year-old Sophie. Unlike her peers, Sophie knows what it’s like to be afraid and never truly feel safe. The only time she feels a sense of security and belonging is when she’s with her best friend, Hannah. The two are inseparable until Hannah’s crush on their schoolmate Damian starts to take shape, feelings of jealousy rise to the surface and threaten to break apart their friendship. Before the friends can reconcile, the village is thrown into fresh panic when Sophie fails to return home after a high school dance—and is never seen again.

Find me Gone

In 2014, Hannah is living in New York. When she moves from her former glitzy Manhattan life to Brooklyn,she rents a small, run-down apartment and spends her days writing a biography of famous authors: Agatha Christie, Barbara Follett and Virginia Woolf. Three women who struggled with family, loyalty and ambition; three writers who one day disappeared without a trace. As Hannah delves into her research and the lives of these literary luminaries, she’s forced to confront questions and memories she has tried hard to suppress. What happened to Sophie that night? How does a person disappear? Can you ever come back?

About Sarah Meuleman

SarahMeuleman FIND ME GONE Author Photo

Sarah Meuleman is a Belgian writer and journalist. She was co-creator and host of the television show “Sarah’s Savages”. Sarah is a Vogue columnist and has written many interviews with international artists, politicians and celebrities. “Find Me Gone” is her debut novel.

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