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First US Tour for Dutch Band Chef’Special

On August 28 Chef’Special will make their US debut with self-titled new EP and country-wide tour

Thu, Aug 27 - Fri, Oct 23  2015

From August 28 until October 24 Chef’Special tours the US with their self-titled new EP. “CHEF’SPECIAL EP” showcases the international hit single “In Your Arms”, a three time platinum certified smash in Chef’Special’s native country the Netherlands. The EP’s release is celebrated with the unveiling of the companion video for “In Your Arms”. This summer, Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic Records announced its signing of Chef’Special. 

About Chef’Special

Every once in a while a band comes along that instantly connects with people in a way that you can’t fake—and that is certainly true of Chef’Special. Since forming in their hometown in the Netherlands in 2008, the band has released two albums, toured extensively and built a rabid fan-base across Europe, that instantly gravitated to the band’s unique blend of hip-hop, rock and reggae. Now the band is about to begin their Stateside assault with the “CHEF’SPECIAL EP” which will showcase to American audiences what all the fuss has been about with this highly buzzed-about five-piece. 

“The first time we ever jammed we realized in two hours that there was this instant vibe and connection, but just as important was the fact that we felt like we all had serious ambitions that we recognized in each other,” vocalist Joshua Nolet says. Soon afterward the band—which also features guitarist Guido Joseph, bassist Jan Derks, keyboardist Wouter Heeren and drummer Wouter Prudon—bought a van and headed down the west coast for a month-long trip that saw them getting to know each other, performing in exchange for beer and a place to sleep in order to solidify the bond between the band members. “We only had one or two songs and just thought ‘hey, we can create something out of nothing and just have fun in the process and that’s really where Chef’Special came into its own,” Nolet adds. 

Another huge part of Chef’Special’s success is their legendary live performances in which the audience is just as vital to the experience as the band themselves. “If you listen to our album we go from songs like ‘In Your Arms’ to hip-hop, so it’s really important for us to build the performances up to that high-energy place and then back to the more intimate material while keeping everyone in the flow,” says Nolet. “We essentially just want to create a lot of positive energy and get it back from whoever we’re playing for, so in that sense the live show is the most important thing to us. That’s the only way that you can see how you’re connecting with people in a totally raw and tangible way.” For all these reasons, the tour is definitly worth checking out. 


It may only be four songs but the “CHEF’SPECIAL EP” showcases the different sides of the band’s sound from the gently fingerpicked ballad “On Shoulders” to the breezy dance vibe of “Eden.” Then there is “Peculiar,” a song that was inspired by a massively influential trip the group took to Kenya in 2014. “We traveled around for two weeks and it was a cool experience both personally and musically,” Joseph explains. “That song has an African-sounding guitar riff and the groove isn’t based on traditional pop writing; I think seeing what music can do and watching people play it from their hearts was really important for us to see because it opened up the perspective of what was possible for us to achieve.” 


8/28 Denver, CO.  

9/1 Madison, WI. 

9/3 Columbia, MI. 

9/9 Niagara Falls, NY.  

9/11 Chicago, IL. 

9/16 Portland, ME. 

9/17 Pawntucket, RI. 

9/18 New York, NY. 

9/19 Boston, MA.

9/20 South Burlington, VT. 

9/22 Pittsburgh, PA. 

9/23 Louisville, KY. 

9/24 Cleveland, OH. 

9/25 Chicago, IL. 

9/26 Omaha, NE. 

9/27 Minneapolis, MN. 

9/29 Englewood, CO. 

9/30 Salt Lake City, UT.

10/2 Seattle, WA. 

10/3 Vancouver, BC. 

10/4 Portland, OR. 

10/5 Boise, ID. 

10/7 Chico, CA. 

10/8 San Francisco, CA. 

10/9 San Diego, CA. 

10/10 Los Angeles, CA.

10/11 Tempe, AZ. 

10/13 Albuquerque, NM. 

10/15 Dallas, TX.

10/16 Corpus Christi, TX. 

10/17 Austin, TX. 

10/18 Houston, TX. 

10/20 Atlanta, GA. 

10/21 Charleston, SC. 

10/22 Charlotte, NC. 

10/23 Silver Spring, MD. 

10/24 Philadelphia, PA. 


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