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Galerie Bildhalle participates in The Photography Show 2024

@ Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns. Courtesy of Galerie Bildhalle and the artist
@ Casper Faassen. Courtesy of Galerie Bildhalle and the artist
@ Ilona Langbroek

Thu, Apr 25 - Sun, Apr 28  2024

The Photography Show by AIPAD at Park Avenue Armory - New York Consulate Region

Galerie Bildhalle participates in The Photography Show 2024 at the Park Avenue Armory, presented by AIPAD.

Galerie Bildhalle is looking forward to participating for the first time in The Photography Show presented by AIPAD in New York, showcasing the works by Ilona Langbroek, Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns, Willy Spiller, René Groebli and Casper Faassen.

Since its foundation in 2013, Bildhalle has quickly become one of the most respected galleries for photography in Switzerland, acting within the long-standing Swiss tradition of photography and its promotion as an artistic medium. Bildhalle represents outstanding artists in traditional and contemporary photography.

In 2020, Bildhalle opened a gallery space in Amsterdam consolidating its strong position in the European markets.

In the interplay between selected established photographers of the twentieth century and those of a younger generation who are expanding the medium, Bildhalle’s ambitious gallery program aims to exert a positive influence on the reception and recognition of artistic photography through solo and group exhibitions, participation in international art fairs and the publication of high quality photobooks.


Owner and founder: Mirjam Cavegn
Director: Julia Bonato
Director Amsterdam: Dr. Christiane Hoefert
Fairs and communication: Dr. Andreas Cavegn
Gallery manager Zurich: Milena Gasser
Registrar: Melissa Barth


Paul Cupido, Cig Harvey, Jeffrey Conley, Casper Faassen, Bastiaan Woudt, Mike Horie, Margaret Lansink, Douglas Mandry, Albarran Carbrera, Simone Kappeler, Ilona Langbroek, Thomas Hoepker, Kacper Kowalski, Amy Friend, Philipp Keel, Thirza Schaap, Martin Bogren, Willy SPiller, Rene Groebli, Flor Garduno, Miriam Tolke, Werner Bischof, Rene Burri, Paolo Pellegrin, Renato D’Agostin

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