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Grand Finale of Horror Vacui by Sarah Jonker

@ Courtesy of the Gallery

Fri, Mar 13 - Fri, Mar 13  2020

On the 13th of March, the grand finale of the Horror Vacui art installation by Dutch visual artist Sarah Jonker will take place at the Cola Connection Gallery.
The entire interior will be covered with Jonker’s astonishing drawings and “the art installation Horror Vacui functions as a bridge to a world infused with deep and uncontrollable feelings, fears, jokes, fantasies, and moments of madness intertwined.” To create her installation, Jonkers has worked with Dutch and American mental health institutions, in order to create a genuine visualization of the connections between mental health and the Urban environment of New York City.

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When: 03/13/2020 from 07:30-09:30

Where: The Cola Connection Gallery in Brooklyn


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