Graphic design studios Niessen DeVries, Lava Design and Type Radio part of Otis Design Week

Otis College of Art and Design Design Week welcomed six recognized graphic design studios (of which three graphic design studios from the Netherlands) from four different countries who hosted workshops over the course of the week and gave a collective lecture open to the public on the evening of Wednesday, June 18, 2014, at 7PM. The video of this evening can be found from here.

Students from other institutions participated during the week in workshops. Selected schools included: Sint Lucas – Gent, Sint Lucas – Antwerp, Cal Arts, and Lucerne School of Graphic Design.

Design Week is a profound experience for students to engage with designers and other students who introduce diverse perspectives and new ways of thinking and practicing in a global world. This transformative experience shapes the culture of the department and confirms that collaboration, risk taking, and relationship building are the foundational elements of a successful practice.

Participating Dutch designers were: Richard Niessen of Niessen DeVries, Cecilia Martin and Menno Cruijsen of Lava Design and Liza Enebeis Donald Beekman of Type Radio.

Lava Design 

Lava Design gave a workshop on ‘hacking the LA city brand’. The main goal of this workshop was to arm students with the tools to create design with intention. By developing critical thinking we hoped to help them develop future designs solutions that respond to the complexity and richness of their social context. At Lava we believe that the process of in-depth contextual thinking is crucial to buildING strong identities that thrive and resonate with their audiences.