Green Drinks NYC event featured eco-friendly Dutch designed products

12 November 2013 — 12 November 2013

November 12th, Robbert Zoon organized a special Green Drinks NYC event featuring cool new eco-friendly Dutch designed products in NYC. Participants could walk in and light up the Energy Floor below their feet, test ride a sustainable wooden Bough Bike, sip from organic fair trade No House Wine while previewing Future green developments in the latest book by Dutch trendwatcher Second Sight. When the lights went down, you only had to flip open a solar powered light charger by Waka Waka and you were good to go.

Additionally, water bottles from Dopper, biodegradable golf balls, jeans that you can lease, and Kazmok messenger bags made from used industrial conveyor belts where presented to the public.  

About Robbert Zoon  

Robbert Zoon was born in 1970 in Haarlem, the  Netherlands. In 1999 he made a life changing decision. He said goodbye to his  office job, stepped out of the daily rat race and spent four months travelling through India. Reiki and meditation  helped him to live a more balanced lifestyle and to start working on his own  meaningful projects. He still  fills up his backpack every year to travel a few months through Asia or  Latin-America. It is the ultimate way to unwind and keep an open mind.

About Green Drinks NYC

Founded in 2002, Green Drinks NYC is the largest environmental networking organization dedicated to unifying the sustainable community in New York.  With over 15,000 members, they host monthly events to engage and connect people from a wide range of backgrounds. Lively networking events are held the second Tuesday of each month with 150+ sustainably minded professionals. The events are made simple and many come to meet new friends, schmooze with industry professionals, find employment (or employees!) develop new ideas, discuss issues, solve problems and have moments of serendipity.