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Hans Neleman RIPPED at the Jean Jacobs Gallery

Hans Neleman in his studio. Photo by Tessa Pimontel

Sat, Oct 15 - Tue, Nov 15  2022

RIPPED, a solo exhibition of new collage works by Hans Neleman, opens on October 12, and runs through November 15 at the Jean Jacobs Gallery, 84 Main Street, New Canaan, CT. Save the date for the show’s opening reception on Saturday, October 15, 6.30 – 9.30 pm. 

RIPPED reaffirms the truth that the destructive-creative process of collage is much like graffiti, in that it gains strength from its boldness to change a preexisting thing, space or expression. By using the outer edges of 1940’s illustrations of art left as remnants from past works, Neleman creates a place where structures fade, memories leave indelible marks and time begins to become one endless moment. The solo-exhibition challenges us to rethink what we perceive so we may move past the periphery of our experiences, where the edges that once defined the picture plane become a rhythmic geometric accent. Find more information here.

Poster for Neleman’s solo-exhibition Ripped

About Hans Neleman
Hans Neleman, a Dutch-born New Canaan-based artist, photographer and creative director, with a career spanning over 30 years, is a poetic storyteller who astutely alters the way we view people, cultures, practices and objects. In the last three years, Neleman’s artistic journey continued as he made a shift to painting and assemblage art. The transition of medium has resulted in the creation of exuberant mixed media works on canvas, wood, and aluminum signs. It ranges from two and three-dimensional work to installations. Neleman’s new artistic manifestations show his ability to create innovative original contemporary art based on years of artistic enquiry.

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