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Hans van Meeuwen at De Chiara Projects

Until November 2nd, Van Meeuwen’s exhibition “Foot Note” will be on view in Kingston, NY

Sat, Oct 6 - Fri, Nov 2  2018

De Chiara Projects - New York Consulate Region

From October 6th until November 2nd, Hans van Meeuwen‘s work will be on display in an exhibition called “Foot Note” at the De Chiara Projects gallery in Kingston, NY. An opening reception will be held on October 6th from 5 PM until 7 PM.

Hans van Meeuwen

Hans van Meeuwen © Courtesy of the Artist


Foot Note

Hans van Meeuwen’s work plays with the idea of archetype images and recontextualizing them to be a trigger point of memories. His creations are often humorous, but never as simple as they seem. “My work may look curious at first, then perhaps weird or frightening, and can be lovable when you think back on it. I hope that the observer will go through a series of different emotions by watching my work.” 

Van Meeuwen’s sculptures play off of childhood fantasy and fear. These odd fragments and altered images occupy the gallery space creating a world beyond, asking the viewer to stretch their imagination and provide their own impulses and perception. The odd proportions, confront our social conventions of understanding to creating a new language of whimsy, wonder, and uneasiness. They ask the viewer for acceptance. His drawings and sculptural work, combine odd elements of nature, architecture, humans and animals—and place parts and pieces of them in unusual scenarios. The nonsensical nature of his work often commands no explanation.

Hans van meeuwen is a Dutch-born based in Kingston, NY. Prior to moving to the Hudson Valley, he lived in New York city, and Cologne, Germany. Van Meeuwen had various exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, The Netherlands, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. In addition to his sculptures and drawings, van meeuwen has designed several permanent public artworks.


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