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“HHC PRESENTS” Holland Hollywood Connection, July 26

Holland Hollywood Connection Presents five Dutch Films, July 26 in Santa Monica, CA

Wed, Jul 26 - Wed, Jul 26  2017

Holland Hollywood Connection PRESENTS will showcase a selection of successful Dutch/American short film productions that have made waves around the world. All films are the inspiring result of international collaboration.

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Deserted is a short film, directed by Niels Bourgonje, starring Jonathan Tabler: Oppressing drama about a perspiring, exhausted man who trudges alone across an empty sun-baked desert, carrying a large, full water bottle. Despair gradually gets the better of him. Still, he doesn’t drink a drop. Why not? What will happen if he does? And is he really alone?


A short film, directed by Ian Boisvert, starring Miltos Yerolemou, Ian Boisvert and Wolf Kahler: When an American businessman in London crosses paths with an illegal Syrian refugee both their lives change in ways you wouldn’t expect.



short comedy, directed by Kristjan Knigge, starring Karen Spanjer and Marinda van ‘t Hoff: A comically sinister escalation of an unllikely friendship between two Dutch women, one desperate and the other self-obsessed.



A short documentary, directed by Joris Debeij, starring Jordan Kamnitzer and Toni Kent: A high-functioning autistic man balancing reality with his imaginary world, proves that one can make deliberate choices to find stability and to be more present in life.



An animated short, directed by Joyce van Diepen, starring Bruce Mulder and Ruby Soliman: A 10 year old boy, Imad, lives in a war zone. A wounded bird brings Imad a sense of freedom.



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