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Human Rights Tattoo at Northside Festival

North Side festival visitors will get the chance to get one letter from the universal declaration of human rights tattooed on their body on June 13th

Sat, Jun 13 - Sat, Jun 13  2015

Amos Eno Gallery - New York Consulate Region

Northside Festival presents Human Rights Tattoo

A piece of your skin for Human Rights

June 13th Northside Festival will be hosting Human Rights Tattoo from 2-8 pm. North Side festival visitors will get the chance to get one letter from the universal declaration of human rights tattooed on their body. Northside Festival is the first in the United States to present this meaningful community art project.

Human Rights Tattoo

The Human Rights Tattoo project is a community art project started by dutch artist Sander van Bussel that aims to create awareness and underline the importance of Human Rights. Its goal is to tattoo the complete Declaration of Human Rights on individuals, letter by letter. The complete text of the declaration contains 6773 letters. Each person gets one character. This means that in the end, there is a group of 6773 people from all around the world walking together with the complete text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A community of 6773 individuals worldwide with a small piece of their skin. Already 2510 people from 53 different countries joined Human Rights Tattoo! The whole process of tattooing this declaration worldwide takes up to 7 years.

Become a Human Rights ambassador for life!

Human Rights Tattoos are a perfect way to spread awareness. The message within the artwork is adopted and spread by all who participate. Human Rights Tattoo is a sustainable and very personal way to share the importancy of human rights. As a participant, you are connected to this living artwork and its goals for the rest of your life!

How to get your Human Rights Tattoo?

Participants, who join us on this tattoo day, get the first letter in order of the declaration. This means that you can’t choose the tattooed letter. Size and place on the body of the tattoo is up to each individual. The motivations of the participants will be united on the Human Rights Tattoo website ( On the site you can read the declaration in tattoos. Every tattooed letter is clickable, so one can see who is behind the letter and what his motivation for the letter is.  

Human Rights Tattoos are free.  

Made by a community

Sander van Bussel from art collective Tilburg Cowboys is creative founder of Human Rights Tattoo. The murder of fellow artist and Steven ‘Nyash’ Nygah in Nairobi in 2012 motivated him to pursue his idea.  Human Rights Tattoo has since then grown into a community of human rights ambassadors, volunteers and organizations who all work together to accomplish Human Rights Tattoo.

Brooklyn based tattoo artists Emily North and Dorothy Lyczek will donate their time and skills to this project on Northside Festival.

Tour to  South America.

After Northside Festival , Human Rights Tattoo will travel to South America:
June 16: Tenemos Que Ver, Human Rights Fimfestival, Montevideo Uruguay
June 18,19, 21: Festival Internacional de Cine de Derechos Humanos
For more information check the website or contact:

About Emily North (tattoo artist)

emily north, also known as em16, is a multi-media artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. emily works across bodies and paper in a range of mediums including drawing, performance, installation, digital and tattoo art. Born and bred in the NYC area, emily started tattooing in 2009 and works mainly in non-traditional styles, including etching-like blackwork and bright, painterly tattoos. she currently works at Myrtle Ink in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and travels. Besides tattooing, emily is an adjunct professor at Stern College, exhibiting artist, graphic designer, and activist. You can see more of her work at or on instagram @em16art

About Dorothy Lyczek (tattoo artist)

Dorothy Lyczek has been tattooing out of New York City since 2006. A Brooklyn native by way of post-soviet Poland, Dorothy’s style grew out of her fine arts background and global outlook.

Her tattoo work is inspired by techniques first developed through painting. She focuses on large scale, bold, saturated color work. Dorothy’s style can be traced back to the vibrant graffiti and tribute mural art in East New York, contrasted with the the constructivist greys in Eastern Europe she soaked in living between two worlds. She learns new techniques as she travels and collaborates with artists from disparate locations and traditions. Dorothy has tattooed in Brooklyn, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Poland, and the Netherlands. For upcoming adventures visit the conventions page.

About Amos Eno Gallery

“Amos Eno Gallery is a nonprofit arts center, providing a full and active season of exhibits by emerging and mid-career visual artists, complemented by a diverse and challenging series of performances as well as distinctive educational and public programs for the arts community of its neighborhood and the greater metropolitan New York area. Amos Eno seeks to provide a platform for emerging artists in all media, giving precedence to artistic expression freed from commercial restraints combined with professional education. By presenting a rich schedule of exhibits and outreach activities, we hope to help fertilize the cultural growth of our community.”

“The member artists are thrilled to host this wonderful project. We feel it is in keeping with our mission to to provide a platform for artistic expression freed from commercial restraints and contribute to the growing cultural scene in Bushwick. It is our hope that visitors to the gallery and events will be energized by the exhibitions and programming at Amos Eno, and that they will receive something of value to bring to their art practices and add to their art collections. Human Rights Tattoo so beautifully crafts a work of art that is significant and socially galvanizing, that participants can carry for the rest of their lives. Many works of art aim this high.” “It is our hope that some of our fellow ink-happy Bushwick neighbors will will participate in this epic project which we are so happy to host.”


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