Hyland Mather Solo Exhibit in Denver

16 April 2016 — 15 May 2016
2528 Walnut Street, Denver, CO, United States Denver

From April 16 until May 15, Dutch artist Hyland Mather presents a solo exhibition of small assemblages and paintings at the Lane Meyer Projects Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Mather, often known by his monikers X-O or thelostobject, uses materials collected in his world wanderings to create assemblages which he likes to call ‘Lost Objects.’ Often he creates these assemblages on a large scale on the street, but for the exhibition ‘Resonancy’ he has materialized more intimate pieces for the gallery setting.

Additionally, Mather will also be showing a small selection of paintings on abandoned paper ​from the series ‘Stars and Charts.’

About Hyland Mather

Hyland Mather, aka X-O, is both a street artist and gallery artist and also owns Andeken / Battalion gallery in Amsterdam.

Mather summarizes his own work as follows: “I make stuff from junk. I pick up messes and try to make them into something I think looks good. I use the junk from the city, I use the stuff from the field, I use the bits in the forest, and the things in the trash. I hunt, I collect, I gather, but only what I need for the work, for the play. Color, shape, composition. Some lost stuff gets found again.”

About Lane Meyer Projects Gallery

Lane Meyer Projects is the conceptual scaffolding for its overall hybrid arts facility: part exhibition space, part work space, and part ideas Salon. Through its physical site, LMP is able to exhibit edgy shows and projects. LMP provides a conceptual platform that fosters diverse artistic discourse and practice.  This space has inherent liberties to evolve as deemed by current art trends, but not dictated by such.