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I Wish Book Launch at CG Boerner Gallery

@ Courtesy of the publisher

Thu, Apr 23 - Thu, Apr 23  2020

CG Boerner Gallery - New York Consulate Region

On the April 23 CG Boerner Gallery will host the book launch of “I Wish,” a beautiful book that consists of  33 poems by renowned Dutch writer and poet Toon Tellegen.
The poems are inspired by Ingrid Godon’s pictures, which also fill the pages of the book by accompanying Tellegen’s poetry. His poems read like affectionate words towards Godon’s portraits and take the reader on a journey in interpreting the self. The poems are confronting in a soft way and can be interpreted as “dozens of confessions poured from the page, the poems present a glittering kaleidoscope of wishes, from imagined feats of heroism to reciprocated human love.”

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