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Ienke Kastelein participates in Lower East Side Drifts

November 23, Ienke Kastelein: Walking and Sitting Roundabout Hester Street

Sun, Nov 23 - Sun, Nov 23  2014

Lu Magnus - New York Consulate Region

November 23, Ienke Kastelein participates in Lower East Side Drifts, a project by Lu Lab.

About Lower East Side Drifts

The Lu LAB has a new program Lower East Side Drifts: The Lower East Side Drifts is a series of 5 artist-led perambulations through the Lower East Side that invite the public into poetic meanderings and performative explorations of the neighborhood in this present moment in time. Each of the 5 drifts will invite participants to activate their perception, their physical bodies and ultimately their own presence, in an episodic yet cumulative journey of immersing into the locality of the Lower East Side.

The walks will begin at 2pm at Lu Magnus (55 Hester Street) and have an approximate duration of 1.5 hrs. Each walk will be followed by the opportunity to share and reflect with the artists and other participants. The walks will be documented on: All forms of documentation will be discussed and based on the consent of participants.

To RSVP for Ienke’s Project click: here. Space is limited. 

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About Lu Magnus

Lu Magnus is an art space dedicated to supporting contemporary art forms and positioning their cultural and innovative value in society. This model is built around exceptional art, innovative forms of collaboration, and public engagement.

Ienke’s project:

LES Drift #1 – Ienke Kastelein: Walking and Sitting Roundabout Hester Street Sunday, November 23, 2014 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (PST) New York, NY Ienke Kastelein’s walk will be based on the performance score and props the artist has left at Lu Magnus. This walking practice for 12 people and 2 patio chairs is based on her recent project for Art in Odd Places and invites people to sit, to see and be seen. The first of the LES Drifts series embodies what is at the core of a drift: allowing yourself to meander intuitively and take the time to truly “be” in a space.

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