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IJsfontein demonstrates the power of ‘play’ at Northside Festival

IJsfontein will demonstrate the power of ‘play’ in complex situations at Northside Festival on June 12

Fri, Jun 12 - Fri, Jun 12  2015

Wythe Hotel - New York Consulate Region

IJsfontein will demonstrate the power of ‘play’ in complex situations, during Northside Festival on June 12.

In three examples Naomi van Stelten from IJsfontein will show how the power of ‘play’ can be used to learn complex material. How do you let caregivers experience what it is like to have dementia, so that they can provide better care? How do you make a work of art in a museum come to life and tell the visitors about the history of art? How do you teach people water lines with use of the technique of an Oculus Rift? In a short presentation Naomi shows how technology blends with the environment and with the content.

Designing play for a serious matter

For IJsfontein curiosity is a driving force behind science and innovation. A force that is increasingly important in a world that is changing rapidly and digitalizes. Knowing how to define a problem and solving it, is more important than the answer. Behavior is more important than knowledge. In our view learning should be less about what you learn and more about how you learn. Technological developments make it possible to learn more and can easily be integrated into daily life. The world around us is smarter and technology is an increasing part of our daily lives. Each stimulus we get, is designed. We therefore believe that we as interaction and game designers have a responsibility. Responsibility for the user it is not only to make it as easy as possible, but also playful and curious.

IJsfontein makes media interactive. IJsfontijn is convinced that people are naturally curious and intrinsically motivated to develop themselves. In their view, play is one of the most effective ways to encourage this natural behaviour.

IJsfontein’s projects have objectives ranging from creating awareness to education and from training to educational entertainment. Think, for instance, of a serious game as a training tool for (medical) staff, interactive exhibits and apps for museums or a cross platform digital method for primary education.

About Naomi van Stelten

Naomi van Stelten is director New Business at IJsfontein. IJsfontein makes interactive media since 1997 and is specialized in designing ‘playful learning’. With clients such as Malmberg, NTR, Albert Heijn, Stichting SOA AIDS Netherlands, Trimbos Institute and the Museumvereniging, IJsfontein is able to create accessible applications from complex content.  Naomi is particularry interested in the the combination between what clients want, the content of the project, the target group and the use of technology. With a background in media and previous employers such as Endemol Interactive, Dutch broadcaster NCRV and advertising agency Media Republic, Naomi adds value to the initial stage of development. Ever since her state-of-the-art research on ‘Next Generation Television’ she has a positive look on the possibilities of the future.


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