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“In 20 Steps” By Studio Drift At The Armory Show

From March 3 until March 6, Studio Drift will present a 40 feet high installation piece at The Armory Show in New York.

Thu, Mar 3 - Sun, Mar 6  2016

The Armory Show - Piers 92 & 94 - New York Consulate Region

From March 3 until March 6, Studio Drift will present a 40 feet high installation piece at The Armory Show in New York.

“In 20 Steps” is a tribute to the human desire to be able to fly, despite the force of gravity and the poetry of persistence in the face of adversity. Studio Drift is intrigued by the continuous attempts of humankind to deal with its limitations, so miraculously opposed to nature as these ventures might be. No matter how far science has come, some things are likely to remain forever out of reach.
“In 20 Steps” is a spatial, kinetic installation, constructed of 40 delicate glass wings that represent all the different steps of flying in an abstract way. At the same time, the piece captures flight in a single moment. The glass emphasizes the fragility of the movement and of nature itself. Simultaneously, the moving glass breaks the natural light in the space and reflects it in moving rays.

Studio Drift is a part of the Armory Design Projects, which aim to highlight a diverse group of leaders in contemporary design through five site-specific presentations. Their installation will be presented in the Pommery Champagne Lounge at Pier 94.

About Studio Drift

Studio Drift was founded in 2006 by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn, both graduates of the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven. They explore the relationship between nature, technology and mankind. Their working process involves continuing collaborations with scientists, university departments, research facilities, programmers and engineers; the results are truly innovative and ground-breaking projects – a testament to the cross-pollination between the technically advanced, the aesthetically beautiful and awareness of future potentials. While the visual language of Studio Drift is characterized by dreamy and poetic aesthetics, the concept behind their works is often based on an unexpectedly critical engagement: “We want to encourage people to see things that they no longer notice; to reach a kind of unconscious recognition that everyone instinctively feels and understands, yet have lost the time for.”

About The Armory Show

The Armory Show is America’s leading international art fair taking place annually on Pier 92 and 94, overlooking the Hudson River. Now in its 22nd year, The Armory Show is a New York cultural institution and a highly-anticipated event on the global arts calendar. With a commitment to presenting the highest-quality modern and contemporary art, The Armory Show connects the world’s foremost galleries with international collectors, curators and art professionals in the capital of the art world.

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