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Jeroen Gordijn at Accessible Art Fair

Jeroen Gordijn will be the only Dutch artist at the fair in New York from November 1-25

Tue, Nov 1 - Fri, Nov 25  2016

The National Arts Club - New York Consulate Region

Jeroen Gordijn will be the only Dutch artist at the Accessible Art Fair in New York. The Fair will take place November 1-25 at National Arts Club in New York. 

About the Accessible Art Fair

The Accesible Art Fair is organised by MvVO ART, an innovative art venture launched in 2015 to create opportunities for emerging artists, collectors and corporate sponsors to discover each other and develop powerful partnerships. The inspiration for MvVO ART’s premier project is one of Europe’s most interesting events: The Brussels’ Accessible Art Fair, which provides a platform for artists not yet represented by galleries to be vetted by a art experts and show their work directly to distinquished collectors and an art-buying public. Accessible Art Fair’s concept is simple: make artists accessible to the public and make the public accessible to the artists. It offers artists a beautiful space to exhibit and sell their work to an art buying public.

At its debut in November 2016, MvVO ART will bring the Accessible Art Fair from its home in Brussels to the heart of the New York Art scene: The National Arts Club at Gramercy Park in Manhattan.

Broken Chair - Courtesy of Jeroen Gordijn

About Jeroen Gordijn

Jeroen Gordijn grew up with an interest in archeology, history and architecture and collected medieval and archeological objects, to fill his curiosity cabinets. Gordijn chose objects on their representation of life, symbols of their function. After finishing elementary school he entered the ‘Graphical High School’ in Utrecht to pursue an education as graphic designer. There he quickly learned that their very theoretical approach was too restricting for his artistic development. He left and tried to self-educate through a more hands-on learning trajectory and started restoring old historic vehicles and weapons while still collecting his objects.

In 1999 Gordijn changed course again and applied for job opening as a glassblower for neon signs, where he started as an apprentice to in bending neon glass , a craft which is based on glassblowing techniques going back to ancient times, combined with latter day chemistry. Since then he practices his craft as a highly specialized restorer for renowned neon artists, amongst whom Navid Nuur.

During his further development as an artist, he also worked as a goldsmith, practicing the art of small scale subtlety. Nowadays he can call himself a ‘Master’ practicing my art as through a symbiosis of high tech chemistry with the classic glassblowing techniques: an artist in his own right; a ‘Neoniste.’ His work may be looked upon as an “illumination” of his world, as his mark on the objects from his environment.

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