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Joep Beving: US Tour

@ Joep Beving

Wed, Oct 11 - Mon, Oct 23  2023

Dutch pianist and composer Joep Beving returns to the US in October! Between October 11 and October 23, Beving plays shows in LA, Boulder, Portsmouth and New York.

Joep Beving

Joep Beving is a Dutch composer and pianist based in Amsterdam who considers his work simple music for complex emotions. Beving’s compositions are sparse, simple, and usually quite minimally adorned. He claims to take a pop approach to composition and performance, resulting in categorizations of his oeuvre as neoclassical.

For his latest project, he draws on Hermeticism, a spiritual philosophy which stems from ancient writings attributed to the legendary Greek author Hermes Trismestigus. At its core are seven universal laws of nature, passed down through the centuries and later compiled in The Kybalion, a text that has influenced New Age theories in more recent times. These concepts – such as the principle of cause and effect and the principle of rhythm – are all about finding a continuous balance in life and existence.