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Joep van Lieshout contributes to the Miami Beach Convention Center

Atelier van Lieshout is proud to announce Joep van Lieshout as one of the six selected artists

Thu, Jan 1 - Thu, Jan 1  1970

Sculptures, glass panels, a tile installation and a mural will adorn a revamped Miami Beach Convention Center when it completes its two-year expansion project. Six international artists have been selected to create site-specific works of public art for the convention center, Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales announced on Wednesday during a pre-opening press conference for Art Basel Miami Beach. Atelier van Lieshout is proud to announce that Joep van Lieshout is one of the six internationally recognized artists to contribute in this project. 

Joep van Lieshout and his ‘Humanoids’ 

‘Humanoids invite people to see the human soul in natural and manmade objects’

The Humanoids in the North East Ballroom Park are a classic representation of the work of Joep van Lieshout. Van Lieshout is a Dutch artist who is internationally recognized for his sculptures, large-scale installations and public artworks. These works, which reflect on society, usually become destinations and serve as placemakers in their environment. In addition, his art tends to go viral, examples include Funky Bones, Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Orakel Dam Square, Amsterdam, The Mini Capsule Hotel at Design Miami/ Basel and most recently Domestikator at the Ruhrtriennale. 

The Humanoids, created for the park in Miami, are part of his recent fascination with man and nature. They appear as abstract figures, who use the park and the natural environment as their habitat, formulating a subtle statement about our relationship to nature and our origins. The sculptures will be placed throughout the park, along the canal and amidst the trees. They will invite visitors to engage, whether it be to use them as rendezvous spots, places to remember, sketch, write, think or talk, and they encourage social interaction and contemplation.

About Atelier van Lieshout

Joep van Lieshout: sculptor, visionary, enfant terrible, entrepreneur. At sixteen, Van Lieshout got himself accepted at the Rotterdam Academy of the Arts. After graduating, he rose to fame quickly, with projects that travelled between the world of easy-clean designs and the non-functional area of art: sculpture and installations, buildings and furniture, utopias and dystopias.

In 1995 van Lieshout founded his studio, Atelier Van Lieshout; ever since, he has been working under the name of the studio to undermine the myth of the artistic genius. Over the past two decades, Atelier Van Lieshout has produced a veritable cornucopia of works which straddle art, design and architecture. What these works have in common are a number of recurring themes, motives and obsessions: systems, power,autarky, life, sex, death. The human individual in the face of a greater whole. With this body of work, he has exhibited at museums and galleries worldwide.
Works of AVL can be found in private collections and several international museums. Please check our exhibition agenda on the news page for current and coming exhibitions.

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