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Jorn Swart’s Malnoia & the Philippe Lemm Trio at Rockwood Music Hall

On December 10 Jorn Swart’s Malnoia & Philippe Lemm Trio will perform at Rockwood Music Hall in New York

Sun, Dec 10 - Sun, Dec 10  2017

Rockwood Music Hall - New York Consulate Region

On December 10 Jorn Swart’s Malnoia & Philippe Lemm Trio will perform at Rockwood Music Hall in New York.

About the performance

Rockwood Music Hall in New York City will be presenting a special event on December 10, showcasing Dutch jazz musicians Philippe Lemm and Jorn Swart, who will perform with their original groups, the Philippe Lemm Trio and Malnoia. Both artists grew up in the Netherlands, but have been living and performing in New York City for many years, surprising audiences and critics with their unique approach to jazz.

The Philippe Lemm Trio is continually proving to be one of the most exciting and electrifying jazz trios around today. Composed of three musicians with exceptional command of their instruments, the group’s repertoire draws heavily from re-imaginations of jazz standards in a way that both defies genre and speaks to any modern jazz fan. The trio tours year-round throughout the world, recently selling out the prestigious Bimhuis in Amsterdam.

Malnoia is timeless and sophisticated and reshapes the concept of the traditional jazz piano trio. In replacing double bass and drums with bass clarinet and viola, the project elegantly and creatively expands the limits of what is possible within a “piano trio”. Malnoia possesses the ability to sweep the listener up in a moving musical experience that Downbeat Magazine described as a “seamless interplay of unusual sonorities”.


Jorn Swart is a spirited up-and-coming jazz pianist, composer, and arranger, currently living and performing in NYC. The Dutch pianist’s refined playing and emotive compositions have garnered him much recognition, here and abroad. In November 2013 he toured Europe to present his debut CD, A Day in the Life of Boriz, featuring some of NYC’s most thrilling and fearless jazz musicians. Swart now proudly announces the release of his compelling new sophomore album, Malnoia, available on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records on May 26, 2017.

Philippe Lemm Trio

New York-based drummer Philippe Lemm was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where he started his musical journey at the age of 16. At the age of 19 he was admitted at The Amsterdam Conservatory. In his second year at the conservatory, Philippe started touring internationally with jazz trumpeter Saskia Laroo as well as leading his own group Wazabe. At the end of his studies in Amsterdam Philippe was extensively playing with renown Dutch jazz musicians like; Karel Boehlee (Toots Thielemans), Jorg Kaaij (Jazz Orchestra of the Concert Gebouw) and Peter Tiehuis (Metropole Orchestra).


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