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Katja Prins at the Brooklyn Metal Works

HYBRID Brooch, courtesy of Brooklyn Metal Works

Continuum Brooch, courtesy of Brooklyn Metal Works

Prins Inter-Act Collier, courtesy of Brooklyn Metal Works

Sat, Jan 18 - Sun, Mar 1  2020

Brooklyn Metal Works - New York Consulate Region

Dutch artist Katja Prins will be exhibited at the Brooklyn Metal Works. “One and the Other: Two of a Kind” is a selection of works from 2004 through 2014. This overview offers a unique look at the investigations Prins has taken with her concepts in jewelry and the materials chosen to express these ideas.

Please join us for an artist talk and opening reception In the Gallery at Brooklyn Metal Works on January 18th. The artist talk will be from 6-7 pm followed by an opening reception from 7-9 pm.

Katja Prins will discuss her practice as a jewelry artist, which has evolved over the last 22 years. This lecture will focus in particular on her fascination with the relationship between technology and the human body. Specifically engaged with how technology functions as our support structure, she is both anxious and excited about the simultaneously healing-protective and toxic-destructive properties of technology. This ambivalent fascination provides her with imagery that is reflected through her work.


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