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Kings & Queens at CUNY School of Law October 2019

O’NEILL & SAPPHIRA CRISTAL, New York 2017 | Léon Hendrickx ©

Fri, Sep 20 - Thu, Oct 17  2019

CUNY School of Law - New York Consulate Region

About Kings & Queens

After a very successful exhibition at BAM and their participation in the Everybooty event 2019 in honor of Stonewall 50, the Kings & Queens photo exhibition by Léon Hendrickx, in collaboration with Micha Schneijderberg, will move to CUNY School of Law, New York. The project will be on display from September 20 – October 17, 2019 on the windows of CUNY School of Law.

Through his work, Léon Hendrickx enables his audience to try to look past gender identity and celebrate what it means to be human. Kings & Queens explores individuality, duality, and the alter ego through photo montaging drag artists intimately alongside their other halves, revealing two separate personalities within one individual. By showing the multiple sides to the drag artists’ identities, Hendrickx wants to show the many layers that all of us have as individuals, making his project relatable and applicable to everyone.

Gender Identity & The Law Panel Discussion at CUNY School of Law in Queens on October 2nd, 2019

Additionally, Léon Hendrickx and Micha Schneijderberg will take part in a legal education panel discussion on gender identity and the law on October 2nd, 2019. The panel will be moderated by constitutional law professor Ruthann Robson. Professor Robson is the author of Dressing Constitutionally Hierarchy, Sexuality, and Democracy from Our Hairstyles to Our Shoes. The panel will be held at CUNY School of Law in Queens and will be free and open to the public.

O’NEILL & SAPPHIRA CRISTAL, New York 2017 | Léon Hendrickx ©

About Léon Hendrickx

Léon Hendrickx is a Dutch photographer from Amsterdam. He started his photography career while following the Master Photographic studies at the University of Leiden and the Art Rijksacademie in The Hague. Meanwhile, he learned more about the profession by assisting photographers from the Dutch fashion and advertising industry. Hendrickx became increasingly interested in the technical possibilities of photography and developed the skills to be able to use it to make the images of his fantasy become reality. Hendrickx is intrigued by the exceptional. In his work he is determined to create credible images, no matter how bizarre, strange or imaginative they are.

Through the Kings & Queens series, he investigates the world of drag in collaboration with drag queen Snorella (Micha Schneijderberg).




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