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Lex Pott Exhibition at The Future Perfect

From January 7, The Future Perfect presents “Fragments” by Lex Pott and Calico Wallpaper at its NY location.

Thu, Jan 7 - Mon, Feb 29  2016

The Future Perfect

From January 7, following its debut at Design Miami/, The Future Perfect presents “Fragments” by Lex Pott and Calico Wallpaper at its NY location.

About the Exhibition:

Photo Credit: Lauren Coleman.  

“Fragments” is an immersive display of Lex Pott’s new works in stone framed by a custom handmade gradient wall covering made from the same stone by Nicholas and Rachel Cope of Calico Wallpaper. 

Pott’s works are composed of natural stone and offer a dialogue between nature’s naturally broken forms and industry’s polished planes of traditionally manufactured stone. The collection explores the properties of stone and tells a story about the interplay of texture. Monumental, rough slabs adjoin smooth surfaces in the “Fragments Dining Table” and “Fragments Side Table,” while in “Fragments Layered Shelf,” five distinctly colored marbles are stacked against each other. 

For the accompanying wallpaper, Calico Wallpaper developed a unique process whereby custom pigments derived from pulverized stone –the same stone that is used in Pott’s works- is hand-applied to a fine linen substrate created especially for the installation. This results in a gradient similar in color to Pott’s work. 

At the NY showcasing, unseen works will be presented in addition to the works previously on view at Design Miami/. 

About Lex Pott:

Lex Pott

Lex Pott (1985) employs a raw and intuitive method. In his work, he returns to the origin of the materials he uses most: wood, stone and metal. He does not hide his designs under indirect layers, but reduces them to their very essence. Pott is an Amsterdam based designer and works from his studio in an old shipyard on the NDSM-Terrein, one of the last fringes in Amsterdam. He graduated cum laude in 2009 from the Design Academy Eindhoven.

About Calico Wallpaper:

Calico Wallpaper

Founded by Rachel and Nick Cope, Calico Wallpaper was created from the inspiration to move art beyond the frame and incorporate and incorporate its elements into everyday interior spaces. Through experimentation with the re-appropriation of traditional art forms, and the digital enlargement of unique, handmade patterns, the idea was born to create custom fit, non-repeating wall murals. 

About The Future Perfect:

Founded by David Alhadeff in 2003, The Future Perfect proudly features works from a diverse group of distinguished designers as well as emerging talent. With locations in both Manhattan and San Francisco, The Future Perfect acts as a premiere retail platform for art and design from around the world for all of North America and abroad.

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