Li Edelkoort presents GREEN WAVE – TRENDS FOR SPRING – SUMMER 2021

On the 21st of November, Li Edelkoort will present GREEN WAVE, a trend forecast for spring-summer 2021. She will discuss upcoming trends in fashion (colour and textiles) and home (interiors and lifestyle). The event will take place at Parsons The New School, Tishman Auditorium from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Tickets for the program cost $395 and are available via this link.

About Li Edelkoort

Li Edelkoort is one of the world’s most renowned trend forecasters. Li is also a curator, publisher, and educator as well as a dean at The New School, where she has established the MFA Masters in Textiles (2018). Examining the connection between art, design, fashion and consumer culture, she is a pioneer of the forecasting profession and offers insight to leading brands and textile mills. Li is the recipient of numerous accolades including being inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 2017. She is the founder of New York Textile Month and continually strives to promote textile education and awareness.

With the ecological green also comes an aesthetic green, since brown is symbolic for the earth it is only natural that green will start to grow from that current. The need for green is so powerful that it will turn around fashion and design without any doubt, sprouting from different political, humanistic and survivalist sources it is impossible to ignore. But maybe the most important thing about green is its capacity to bring joy. Its energy and charisma are compelling and will help us be, combatting despair with optimism and happiness: joy seen as another form of activism. Li Edelkoort