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Lilian Kreutzberger in group exhibition Under Ice

Under Ice on view from February 13 until March 20 at Fresh Window

Fri, Feb 13 - Fri, Mar 20  2015

Dutch artist Lilian Kreutzberger exhibits with Helmut Smits, Alexander Deschamps, Lisa Fairstein and Alexandre Joly at Fresh Window, on view from February 13 until March 20.

Fresh Window presents Under Ice, a group exhibition exploring the preservation ability of ice and the worlds that may come alive through its disappearance. This exhibition contemplates our futures. While ice has the ability to freeze and preserve, the melting of it might lead to distortions of our realities. These imaginary realities remind us to live in the present and ultimately question our perception of human progress. These frozen worlds combine beauty and danger appeasing our eyes, but rattling our brains. These worlds are depicted in Lilian Kreutzberger’s futile urban planning, Alexander Deschamps’s radioactive baseball fields, the warped realities of Lisa Fairstein, Alexandre Joly’s creatures, and the upside-
down world of Helmut Smits.

Fresh Window is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to exhibiting artists that encourage a broader awareness. The exhibitions are aimed to give the viewer a sense of marvel at everyday situations, lifting them out of the mundane into the extraordinary through the work of innovative, sensitive and critical artists.

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